Chapter Thirty-Five

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"(Y/n)" He whispered softly on my ear, "yes?" I asked backing away to look at his face. "Don't eat the soup." he whispered softly as he held my hand and pulled me downstairs. I had so many questions running on my mind, mostly the word why? We went downstairs, Alexandrina was at the kitchen, her back faced in front of us. I could smell the food from here as I felt my stomach grumble.

But I remembered what Simon told me. "Don't eat the soup." I heard his voice echo through my head. I suppressed my hunger as I looked at Simon and Zach sitting at the table. Simon stood up and went towards me, "Sit, my love." he said as he entwined his hand with mine. Simon pulled the chair backward and I sat down, pushing the chair forward making me closer to the table.

Simon sat beside me as Zach look at Alexandrina busying herself at the kitchen, and Emmanuel outside. Zach slid a note towards me as I slowly unfold it. "Don't say anything. They know what we know." the paper read. My eyes widened as Simon gave me another note, "They're coming." the note said. I opened my mouth, ready to whisper but Simon swiftly covered my mouth as he pointed to his ear.

They could hear us. Simon signaled as I nod my head. I heard Alexandrina's footsteps coming this way, making me tense up. I heard the door open and I dart my eyes to the door to see Emmanuel coming inside and pulling a chair and sitting down just right next to Simon.

I chewed on my lips as I looked at Simon at the corner of my eye. He gently squeezed my hand, giving me a sign of reassurance. I breath out the air that I did not know that I was holding. I looked at Alexandrina, placing down the pot of soup on the center of the table.

She gave me a smile as I smiled right back at her. She placed small bowls for us as I stood up, all eyes suddenly laid on me. "Let me help." I said, reaching for the two bowls. She gave it to me and said "Thank you, (y/n)." as she sat down on her own chair. I placed the bowl for Simon as I set my own bowl down.

Alexandrina started pouring on each bowl. She first poured soup on Emmanuel's, then Zach, Simon and lastly, me. She sat down and also gave herself a generous amount of soup.

She looked up, "Let us eat!" she said. Both Emmanuel and Alexandrina began to eat as Zach started playing with his soup. I looked at Simon as he took the spoon beside him. He took a spoonful of the soup. I dart my eyes both at Emmanuel and Alexandrina, both looking at Simon. When they noticed my stare, they looked away and continue on eating. I looked down on my own bowl of soup, looking very appetising as ever.

the smell was familiar. It smelled like home, where I could hear my moms own sweet voice ringing inside my head. Its mouth-watering and I wish to have even just one bite, but I knew better than that.

Arent you going to eat that, (y/n)?" Asked Alexandrina. I looked up and I smiled, It just looks so good, and the smells like my moms own cooking. I chuckled. Alexandrina only stared, not saying anything until she blinked. Thank you, (y/n). But you should really eat it. It would go cold soon, She said, It tastes better when its warm. She winked at me.

I smiled, I-i dont think I can eat it. I said as I pushed the bowl. Alexandrina dropped her spoon down on her bowl and stood up, forcing a smile. Emmanuel cleared his throat as Alexandrinas stare tried to tower over me, like daggers wishing to pierce through me.

Why not, (y/n)? she asked, I have quite an upset stomach you see. I replied. Zach placed down his spoon and looked at Alexandrina, Forgive miss (y/n), shes just  quite a picky eater. Zach said, giving Alexandrina a warm smile. Well it wouldnt hurt to try, right (y/n)? Alexandrina said.

Shes quite tough. There would be no chance that she would back down on me. I chuckle and nod my head, Of course. Then please excuse me to the bathroom after this. I stated, Ill escort the way, (y/n). Said Alexandrina. I nod my head and before I could lift my arm by my side, Simon snatched my hand, sqeezing it tight. I looked at him as he looked back at me, his brow furrowed.

I snatched my arm away as I took the spoon. I stir my soup with my metal spoon as I finally took a spoonful. I looked at Alexandrina who has a smile on her face as I opened my mouth and ate it. Seconds passed away as I put my hand up with a thumbsup, giving a small smile for approval.

I stood up from my chair, Simon and Zachs eyes wide open. Alexandrina began to reach for me but before she could, Simon stood up. I looked at him and gave him a stare. He sat back down with a following low sigh. Alexandrina took my shoulder, holding me with soft, yet firm grasps. I looked around as we passed by the kitchen.

I saw a rat running towards me as my eyes widened and tumbled to the counter, my shoulder breaking away from Alexandrinas grasps as I picked up a mug and threw it on the floor, making it shatter in pieces. Alexandrina gasps as she looked at me Its alright, the bathroom is just behind that door. Ill clean this up. She said in a hurry as she turned her back behind me, going towards the dust pan and the broom.

I picked up a fragment and went to the door she pointed earlier, locking it and turning it. Making sure it was really locked, which it was. I went to the sink and spat out all the soup that was in my mouth. I began to gargle water, spitting it out three or more times. When I was done, I held my hand on the doorknob and just before I could unlock it, I saw the shadow down at the door crack.

I held the fragment tight as I swung the door open and snatched Alexandrina, holding the sharp fragment close to her neck. "What are you doing?" asked Alexandrina with a tremble, "You know what Im doing." I said as I heard glass breaking from the dining area.

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