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Todoroki Pov

Me and midoria have been getting closer and we're as he says "best friends" but I wanna be more.. idk what wrong with me... I should go to someone right. I'm not really close to kirishima but he's in a relationship with Bakugou so maybe he can help...


Todoroki :

Hey um I need Some

advice And I figured

you'd Be good at it


Ok bro meet at

your dorm?



(Back irl)

Kiri Pov

I knocked on Todoroki's door. "Hi kirishima"he greeted I replied with a "hey bro what's up" he suddenly looked all flustered and said "I i ummm"

Todo pov

Fuck why is this so hard "I need you too help me understand my emotions" I said he looked at me and when "oh does Todoroki have a love interest" I looked at him and said "well idk that's why ur here"

Kiri pov

Hmmm I wonder who it is "who is it" he looked down and I heard a faint "midoria" ohh wait he's not staight I totally thought he had a thing for momo lol. " so todo how does mido make you feel" he turned a dark shade of red aww that's so cute

Todo pov

Hmm how do I feel around him "well when we're together I'm happy I guess. And when it just up my heart speeds up.. and one day we were watching a movie and he fell asleep on my shoulder and he looked rly cute"

Kiri pov

I'm pretty sure he likes him but I have to see. "So just talk about midoria" I said "ok umm" he started "well if you compliment him his eyes light up and he imidealty makes it about you and how your amazing. Oh and when he rambles he thinks you can't hear so when you bring up something he mumbled he gets all confused and when he's eating after every bite he sticks out his tounge and looks super cute" aww todo definitely got a big fat crush on mido

Todo pov

After I finished rambling Kiri just stares at me "what?" I ask "you've got it bad" he said "oh so I like midoria a lot and he's gonna hate me for it" I state "omg no no no idk if it's possible for mido to hate someone" I slowly chuckle he looks at me and goes "wtf bro you can laugh?" Oh I guess I don't laugh a lot "how do I um ask him out?" "You should do the classic hey do wanna hang out oh btw it's a date.. and walk out thing I think he's get super flustered" Kiri said "ok" I replied and off to midoria I went

Kiri pov

I went to kats dorm to tell him "hey babe open the door" he opened it. When we got on the bed he asked "hey Ei what's up" oh he's gonna get the tea "well todo cake tome for advice and started rambling about how cute midoria is and now he's gonna ask him out" Kat just laughed "guess imma have to deal with his gay panic later"

Mido pov

I was singing in my room when I heard on knock on my door. "Come in" I said "hi midoria"said Todoroki. Oh todos here I wonder what he wants to ask I really like him. "What would you like Todoroki-kun" I asked he looked me in the eye and said "to hang out meet me this Saturday 5:30 pm in the common room casual dress" I was confused but agread "o-ok" he was almost out of my room when he looked back at me smirked and said "it's a date" he finished it with a wink and then left. Hdycjbdnd I swear he is going to be the end of me. I gotta tell kacchan

When I arises at his dorm I knocked "it's me can I come in kacchan?" He replied with "yea nerd". I came in and saw him and Kiri cuddling it was cute but I wish it was me and todo. Kacchan asked "what's wrong nerd" I replied "umm todo asked me on a date on Saturday" Kiri looked at me and said "your welcome" "huh wait" then Kiri said "he asked me how to ask you out and I knew you you'd get al flustered" oh cool I replied "he winked at me I hdibsidh" Baku looked at me and said "bottom" Kiri grabbed his face and said "you have no room to talk" oh kacchan just got outed lol. "Anyways thank you bye " I said leaving th room


Midoria pov:

Ahhh I have a date with todo in an hour. What do I where? He said 'casual dress' but I have no clue what that means. Hmm Uraraka she can help right.



Uraraka pls come to

My dorm



Uraraka pov

I wonder what Deku wants. I knock on the door "hey Deku". Then a voice says "come in". I was in and there's cloths thrown all over the floor. "Um Deku what do you need help with" I ask. He suddenly turns red and says "I have a date with Todoroki and I don't know what to where" omg that's so cute. I look at him and say "what type of date" he said "idk but it's casual dress" got it. I look on the floor and find a black pair of riped jeans and a white te shirt that says baby and tell him "here put this on". Wait he has a shirt that says baby that's so cute. He comes out and I tie a red flannel around him waist. "You look good Deku" I said. He replied with " thanks Uraraka" then he checked the time "by and thanks uruaka I have a date toget to" I waved him good bye and said "bye Deku good luck on your date"

Midoria pov

I walked down to the common room and then I saw him. Crap he's hot I can feel my face heat up instantly. He has some grey shorts a white tee shirt and a leather jacket. (Leather jacket cuz rich boi). Oh caught me stairing. "Good evening midoria" he greeted "h-hi Todoroki" uhh I studdered. Anyway I think he noticed cuz he grabbed my hand and whispered "you don't need to be nervous" this reassured me and we walked hand in hand out the door.

Todoroki pov

Midoria looked so cute he rly is baby. I can tell he's nervous so every once and awhile I give his hand a reasuring scwease. All the sudden he stopped "hey todo I mean Todoroki"aw cute he called me todo. "Yes mido" I replied so that he'd catch on that I wanted him to use the nick name. He studdered "I-I um-m where are we going". Oh I didn't tell him "it's a surprise". I wasn't planning on it being a surprise but I'm glad it is cuz his face always lights up when he finds out a surprise.

Midoria pov

I'm really nervous for the surprise but everyone I look at Todoroki he just smiles. He has a buetiful smile I wish he would use it more. We walked into a restaurant and while I was looking at how huge it was todo asked "table for two". Once we got seated we started conversation

No one pov

. Todo- "so mido how was ur day"

Mido- "it was good I studied with Iida this morning"

Todo- "this morning I had training with dad so I slept after that, but now I'm enjoying me day"

Mido- "does your father train you too hard?"

Todo- "yes but I'm used to it"

Mido- " you didn't have to take me here... I've never been in a resurunt this nice"

Todo- "well it's my treat"

After the meal

Mido pov

"Thanks todo the meal was great" he just smiled "anything for you midoria". Shdufb nshs i-I ahhh. Get it together izuku your on a date. "Um todo isn't curfew soon" we were walking but We certainly weren't going back to school. "I got permission from Aisawa to stay past curfew". Oh that makes sense

We went to a park and got ice cream. After we finish our ice cream he grabbed my hand. God can this date get any better? But alas he grabbed my hand again we were sat on a rock and looking at the sunset it was a perfect moment. Todo signed and said "mido I really like you romantically, will you be my boyfriend" behsba. He just ahhh "I'd love to todo". He grabbed my face and we kissed infrount of the sunlight. It wasn't a perticuarly good kiss. But it felt perfect cuz it was with him

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