3 - sour patch

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matti fumbles with all of the tools and parts around her. she leans back against her bed and stares at the mess on the floor.

the hell?? she wonders. how does one put together ikea furniture??

she picks up the mounting instructions, and stares at it. she looks between the supplies on the floor and the instructions, more than twice. this makes no sense...

"hey bucky!!" matti yells from her spot on the floor. "can you read?!"

there's no response. i guess he can't hear either, she thinks. i simply want to assemble my... wëiska..? the hell-

"bucky!!!" she yells again. still no response. "sam i swear if you killed him... friday where are the boys?"

"they're on the main floor," friday answers.

"great," matti mutters. she bought this macrame chair that supposedly hangs from the ceiling several months ago. she wanted to set it up in the compound for everyone to chill on, but she's been procrastinating. she figured now that she's been kicked out, it's the perfect time.

so not only do i have to tie all the parts together, i have to hang it up... i could really use a super soldier right now, matti tosses her head back in defeat.

"nat?" she calls out, in hopes that her friend might be on the same floor.

"natasha is also on the main floor," friday informs.

"great, that's great," matti mumbles.

as she sits on the floor, wondering why on earth she thought this was a good idea, she hears the elevator door open.

matti waits for a second, then sighs and stands up. she walks over to her doorway and pokes her head out.

"buck? is that you?" she asks before she can get a look.

she hears a light chuckle. "i'm not bucky," the man says.

steve rogers carries in a large moving box and looks at matti over the top of it.

"so YOU'RE the last inhabitant of floor 85..." she says, walking out of her room and crossing her arms.

"yeah... i've been demoted," he shrugs. "tony said i'd have 'more fun' on this floor..?"

"oh god," matti mutters, shaking her head. "if you consider sharing a story of stark tower with me, nat, sam, and bucky fun, then, sure."

steve stops in his tracks. "he put sam and bucky down here with us?" he asks in disbelief. matti chuckles at the hint of dread in his voice.

"sadly," she says. bucky and sam are actually really fun people, more so when they're apart. when they're together, you can only hope you won't need to go to the ER. matti still can't quite figure out why they hate each other's guts so much.

steve sets the box down on a nearby couch, and stands facing matti, hands on his hips.

steve and matti are probably the closest out of everyone on floor 85. matti was actually the person who got steve to join the avengers. she distinctly remembers walking in on him as he socked a punching bag straight off the chains. ever since then, they've been inseparable.

next, nat came along. the three of them were assigned to almost every mission, and they barely ever failed. they were the most honored members of the STRIKE team.

then, steve met sam as he passed him everyday on his run around the washington monument. and once steve found out bucky was still alive, sam was quick to help. from there, it all kind of flowed naturally. they all learned each other's strengths and weaknesses, and most importantly, they all trust each other.

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