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I gasp.

There are three men in my living room standing with guns pointing at my dad.

"Dad? what's going on?" I look at my father.

"I screwed up baby girl." he replied gulping.

I look at the men questionably as my hands become clammy.

"Your father was trafficking drugs for our boss, but they seem to have gone missing. Now if you can recover them we will gladly leave." one of the men says looking me over.

"Dad? do you have the drugs." tears start to rim my eyes.

I knew my dad was a screw up drunk, but I never thought he would traffic drugs.

My dad was not responding, and the men are growing inpatient.

"Don't worry I hav-- it." my father slurs.

"Rick! where are the drugs!" my father hated it when I called him that.

He snaps his head up.

"Well, you know I had it, then I didn't. Oops. It was there, ssss--o tempting, I thought hell one pill wouldn't kill me, then poof all gone." He laughed.

One of then men got to agitated with him he pulled him into a choke hold.

"Stop! please stop!!" I yell panicking. I begin begging. "Isn't there a compromise or deal we can do?"

I look at them hoping there was something.

They all look at each other.

The one holding my father loosens his grip so air can get through my fathers lungs, but doesn't let go.

The other two look at each other as if battling over something.

I could barley see and to what I could see was a smile played across the bigger one.

"Well there is one thing." The bigger was steps forward.

He was so close to me are noses could touch.

His hands lifted up to my blouse and started to unbutton it.

I froze everything in my body is not pleased one bit.

My father yells.

"Please no! I'll do anything just not my daughter." The man holding my father tightens his grip to shut him up.

We lock eyes as tears begin to fall.

The bigger man in front of me runs his hand over my bare skin.

His touch makes me sick.

I gag.

The man that holds me smirks.

Everything in my body is screaming run.

The emotions I feel are not helping me. I want to crawl into a hole and die.

I try to back away but the man grabs me and pulls me into his chest.

"Don't run." his deadly tone is something that I feel is not to be messed with.

I stiffen.

He sniffs my hair as if it's his oxygen.

"Let's take this up stairs shall me?" I start to struggle, but he pulls be over his shoulder as if I was nothing.

My bare skin comes in contact with his and I feel the urge to throw up.

I try again to wiggle my way out, but with no luck.

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