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my new favorite mnemonic device for the biology levels is kevin, please come over for gay sex.

my mom's once again overreacting. when i make a joke and she doesn't laugh, or has that annoying ass small laugh that tells you someone really doesn't care so why do they even have the courtesy to fake laugh for you if it's gonna be that fake, i simply tell her "never mind" which yeah comes off as petty AS IT SHOULD

but when i don't laugh at her homophobic or racist jokes, all of sudden she has to make the week awkward and tense for everyone. she is giving me the silent treatment (like a child) and she came home at like 4 and stayed in the kitchen until like 7, then she went to her room, then my dad got home and made dinner, she came down to eat, talked on the phone with my sister (and my sister could tell how awkward it was so she just basically said "kay i'm gonna go now") and immediately after she hung, my mom went back to her room to sleep and now my dad is outside taking comfort in being around his pack (my dogs) and i'm sitting in a quiet essentially empty house bc i wanna go to bed but i feel bad for leaving my dad alone so i'm like thinking of a way to say good night without it being weird (isn't being awkward fun?)

also i finished s3 of community and what the hell? why must you toy with my feelings like this? and as much as i wanted the romantic tension between troy and britta to end, them together is WAY too weird. every time they interact now, i just keep thinking of how britta was with her past bfs and like what if she tells abed something about troy like she did with jeff? OH and the arc between troy and abed hurt my heart. and the end of the impressionist episode hurt me more bc my favorite baby boy character was treating my second fav baby boy the same way my mom was treating me sooooo yeah.

anyways, i read somewhere that chevy chase was a little rude during production so they had him written off the show and every time i don't see pierce or they have trouble with him i immediately think "this is it, no more chevy chase"

my hairs really gross bc my parents keep forgetting the shampoo and i keep forgetting that so i keep taking showers and it makes my hair worse.

that's it ig, love ya, buh bye!


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