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enderlox x depressed!reader

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(Y/n) pov

You were walking to school as usual, when (b/n) tripped you, her/his little gang laughed and took turns kicking you, "whats wrong? Gonna cry?" He/she teased. You didn't say anything. The bell rang and the ran to class. You groaned but then you best friend (f/n) came to help you, "come on (y/n) we gotta hurry." She exclaimed. "Fine I'm coming." You both Walked to class chatting.

=After school=

You walked on your home to be met by the back of your dads hand. "YOUR LATE!" He slurred, drunk. "I-I'm sorry." You whimpered out. He pulled off his belt and started hitting you with it. *sorry no rape scene;)* after that you ran to the woods crying. 'I hate my life, maybe i should end it.' You thought, 'i could be with mom.' You cried harder, she died when you were six from a car accident and after that your dad started beating you and you were bullied because of the bruises. You.got to your favorite tree and started to climb it. You heard a russil to your left you looked but saw nothing, "probably a bird." You mumbled climbing higher. Crack. Your blood ran cold as the branch broke. "HELP!" You screamed as you fell only to be caught by an unknown person. You held on to him for dear life. "Hey, are you alright?" He.asked you, setting you on beside him, on a sturdy branch. I looked up into his purple eyes, one was covered by brown hair, "y-ya. Thank you." You said lost in his eyes. "He giggled and you looked away blushing from embarrassment. "I'm Enderlox by the way." He said. "(Y/n)." You.said smiling. You two sat in silence and you took the time to look at him. He had pale skin, brown hair that covered his left eye, a wight v neck with black trimming, grey pants and black shoes with purple laces, and black and purple, wings? And a black tail. He caught you starring and smiled, "like what you see?" You blushed and looked away. You to talked for awhile and got to know each other. Then you heard your dad, "(Y/N), GET OUT HERE RIGHT NOW!" You yelped and scoot closer to Enderlox. He wrapped an arm around you, "don't worry, ill protect you." You smiled then frowned, "why are you being nice to me?" He sighed, "be-because i love you." You smiled, "really?" You asked, "of course" he leaned in, so did you and closed the gap and kissed kissed you passionately, you smiled, but, alas, humans need air. "(Y/N)" you heard your dad yell again. You whimpered and hid your face in his shirt. "Shh, i wont let him hurt you." I said holding you. "I-if i go b-b-back he will." You said crying. "Then come with me, to the End." He said rubbing your back. "R-really? You'd let me come with you?" I asked, he smiled then nodded. I attacked him with a hug, "thank you, thank you, thank you." You said happily, "lets go then." He said picking you up bridle style. You hugged him again as he flew to your new home.

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