Part 14: Adrien

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It was Tuesday morning. I woke up to get everything prepared and ready to tell the news to my father.

Marinette and I planned to do a dinner like with did with her parents. Something simple and just the three of us. 

My phone beeped signaling I got a text. I unlocked my phone and saw it was from Mari saying she'll be here in no time. 

I went to my closet and slipped on a shirt and walked downstairs waiting a few minutes for her arrival. Soon Mari had arrived and I led her up to my room. 

"Hey kitty," she said giving me a quick peck. 

"Good morning princess. Okay, my father is busy with work at the moment so we have enough time. I told everyone to help clean the house and asked them to make his favorite food. Hopefully, things will go right and we'll be moving tomorrow so there's that."

"Yhea, I hope everything goes well. So, what are we gonna do in the meantime," she asked.

"Wanna go for a quick walk? The food won't be ready till 4 and it's 2 already. How time flies when your cleaning."

"Oh, Adrien," she giggled. "You only washed the dishes. Come on, let's go take a walk in the park."

I grabbed her hand and we headed down the stairs and out the door. We talked a bit about our upcoming life with the baby and what we should get to have everything ready. 

Soon we decided to go and get some ice cream and walked to the Eiffel tower. 

"I love this," Marinette said resting her head on my chest. 

"I love this too and soon we'll be sharing this moment with our little princess or prince."

She sent me a small smile and looked down at her phone. "3:50. Should we start heading back?"

"Sure." I extended my hand for her to take it and once she did, we headed back to my house. 

Once we arrived at our house Nathalie told us father would be down in a minute so we started to set the table while the plates came. 

In no time, everything was ready and we were just waiting for my father.

"Hello, Adrien. Hello Marinette. What's up with the dinner?"

"Hello, father. We just wanted to have a nice dinner that's all," I said.

"Hm. Should I be worried about something?"

"Not at all, Mr. Agreste-"

"Gabriel. Please call me Gabriel."

"Yes, Mr.- Gabriel. Well, we just wanted to have a nice dinner with you. That's all."

"Mm. Okay then. Thank you." He sat down and we all started to eat.

It felt external. Every bite I took felt like hours of torture. Father didn't seem in a good mood today. Can we just not tell him. 

"So, this can't all be for nothing," Gabriel began. "What do you two have planned?"

Okay, here we go. Ughhhh, whyyyy? "Well, father, Mari, and I have some news. And we are both extremely excited to share it too you and we hope you take this the right way."

"Depends," Gabriel replied. 

"Well, me and Adrien are expecting," Marinette said, slightly flinching at what was to come.

"What do you mean 'expecting'?"

"Marinette is pregnant with my kid," I said clearing it up.

"Oh well. I know I said I wanted grandkids. Never expected it this soon. Welcome to the family Marinette," Gabriel said standing up to give Marinette a hug.

Marinette stood up surprised but happily hugged back.

"So your not upset," I asked, surprised myself.

"Oh no. I was getting worried that you hadn't gotten a girlfriend at your age," he stated. "Well, congratulations you two."

"Thanks, father," I said.

"Yes, thank you, Mr.- Gabriel. Thank you, Gabriel," Marinette said happily.

The dinner was soon over. Marinette decided to stay over for the night so we could pack some of the things I had left unpacked since I was helping Mari with her things at her home, so everything would be ready tomorrow.

After 2 hours, everything was done and Mari and I laid on the bed soon drifting to sleep from all the tiredness.

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