▶chapter #5

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Sadistic, moron, perverted asshole!

Are just some of the words i'm naming logan. because he enjoys my pain like no other, he has me in leather pants & a collar around my neck that says "LP" Logan's Property.

I'm not a forsaken dog!

This is illegal, embarrassing, cruel, punishment for absolutely nothing. i hadn't done anything wrong minis trying to leave this wretched beautiful place. i tried leaving again but it didn't end well!

Logan was the one who caught me this time & damn all that muscle isn't just for show i can say that much. i don't know why but everyone around here has been on High alert. is something about to go down?

logan hasn't let me out of this room he tells his bodyguards to watch the outside of my room door.

he had extra locks installed on the Windows because of what happened the last time i broke the window to use piece of the glass and cut one of them, the glass he has on it now i can't even put a scratch on it!

It was already dark so i decided to take a nap there was nothing else to do. i haven't heard from luke at all i don't even know if he tried to call or not to check up on me.


I was woken up by the very unpleasant sound of one of my brother's whores moaning her lungs out, along with the sound of the head board creaking.

instead of getting up and having a fit i just laid there trying to get some more shut eye until my room door slammed open ugh lifes a bitch but sometimes don't you agree!....

"Hey! sirloin i'm hungry go cook its morning wake up!"

Did!...did this mofo actually just call me sirloin!? that it ill kill hi- wait i recognize that voice don't i? yeah thats........OMG!!!

"Mikie! what are you doing here? i thought you'er in prison?"

"I was they let me out because of bad behavior" he said locking my door and walking towards me.

Mikie is one of my brother's friends who i actually like i use to flirt with him mostly all the time. mainly to piss off jake & luke cause it's funny buti enjoy his company too.

But i freaking hate being called sirloin i'm not a darn piece of meat i really wish he'd stop but no matter what i tried it doesn't happen.

he was now towering over me with his 6'0 self. the moaning and headboard of the bed in my brother's room stopped already.

he gave me an Eskimo kiss i giggled as always we kissed a couple of times i've always loved the way he kisses its like rough yet soft at the same time i can't explain it any further.

he ran his big hand through my bed hair playing & tugging slightly i wrapped my legs around his hips feeling his arousal. then grinding my butt against his groin, we heard voices down stairs walking up knowing what was about to happen we both laughed quietly to ourselves.

i looked in his eye's we sent eachother a secret message, he quickly got us both under the cover snatched off his shirt grinding our hips together while trying not to laugh he bit my lip i moaned load our breathing rugged.

I kept moaning he started getting into it more calling my name. i put my hands on his back pulling him closer if possible. knowing what happens next we counted down together.





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