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Akaashi's POV:

Bokuto invited me over to study. He had struggle to keep up in school because of volleyball. His teacher told him if he doesn't get better, he has to quit volleyball.

He asked me for help and because he annoyed me for two damn days, I agreed. I can't say no to that jerk.

I nocked on the door. Literally 5 minutes and twenty text messages later, Bokuto opened the door.

"What, in the name of the little giant, took you so long?", I asked and entered his house. His parents were out for dinner so we had the house for us.

He laughed. "I had to clean my room, you would have probably died caused by an heart attack.", he had a big grin on his face.

"That messy?", I asked him with one eyebrow raised. "Yep, it was, I think it has never been that messy."

We walked in his room, he cleaned it pretty good in five minutes. "My imagination isn't big enough to think about your room even more messier.", I laughed and covered my mouth.

Bokuto looked at me. "You shouldn't cover your smile, it looks pretty.", he often said something like that and acted like nothing had happen later on. He walked to his bag and pulled out his math book and sat down on his bed.

I hesitately sat next to him, I hated it. When he made me a compliments that made me blush and acted like he didn't say anything afterwards.

I explained what he has to do to solve the task. I often had to explain tasks to him, even though I was in my second year and Bokuto was in his third year. He had a lot of problems with the next two tasks, so I had to help him pretty much.

It didn't bother me though, I enjoyed the time I spent with Bokuto.

"Did you see how Konoha and I did the sp-", he started to talk.

"Bokuto-San we can talk about volleyball, but first finish this task please.", I interrupted him. He narrowed his eyes and went back to the task.

I finished my geography homework and looked over to Bokuto.

That jerk.

He fell asleep on his math homeworks. "Bokuto-San...Bokuto-San! I shook his shoulder. "...ah...Akaashi?", he said more like a question.
"You fell asleep Bokuto-San." "Oh sorry, 'kaashi."

'Kaashi? Did he called me 'Kaashi? That was new, but he didn't even seem to notice. He stretched his arms and legs and layed on his back.

"You aren't finished yet, Bokuto-San.", I said and gave him his pencil.

"It's cute when you call me 'Bokuto-san' ", he smiled.

"No it's not. I'm calling you Bokuto-San because it's more polite."
He put his hand around my shoulder and pulled me closer.

"You don't have to show me that you are polite Akaashi, I already know that."

Our faces were really close to each other.

I started to have feeling towards Bokuto-San since he started to tell me things like 'You're pretty' or 'your smile is cute'. I always thought he said those thing to be nice, but I always hoped he would like me back.

In that very moment, Bokuto cupped my face and pulled me into a kiss. You know those people who tell you about Butterflys in your stomach?

Yeah, fuck that.

That feeling was a million times better.

After a couple of seconds, we pulled away to catch our breathes.

"You know Akaashi, I didn't called you 'pretty' or 'cute' without a reason.", he said smiling, my face still cupped. I clasped his wrists and kissed him on his cheek.

"I'm glad you did the first step, Bokuto-San."

"I bet you wouldn't have done that, would you?"
I looked to the side, I just didn't know if he felt the same way.
"Probably not", I said a little shy.

"You still didn't finished your tasks, Bokuto-san.", I said and pointed at his text book.
"Urgh, you are no fun Akaashi.", he said with a whining voice.

"Yeah yeah, I love you too Bokuto-San."


Again, a little short🐙🐙

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