End of day

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Finally,last lesson.I have English with Aaron and Holly,we all walk there (since it's my first time) I have no idea who was In this class and surprise, surprise it was Nash.Ugh he was also with Matt and surprisingly wasn't starring at me for once.I was waiting outside the classroom with Aaron and Holly then suddenly Nash came up to me and said "so you're friends with my brother,huh?"."yes why?"i ask."no reason,just wanted to know"Nash said."um ok then"I said."why don't you hang out with me and the guys today?"Nash asks."sorry,can't I'm busy"I reply."oh really?what're you doing?"he asks."I'm already going out"I say getting a little annoyed."who with?"he asks smirking realising I was getting annoyed."I don't have to explain anything to you I'm going out maybe some other time,ok"I say firmly."chill babe,maybe another time"he says as he walks off.Holly and Aaron just stare at me."what?"i ask."nothing"they both say.

....Skip Lesson....
The bell rings and I walk out of lesson,I walk down the drive to see Hayes.I catch up with him.."hi y/n!"Hayes says."hi Hayes"i reply."so are you still coming out today?"he asks."yup,can't wait"I say."oh cool"he says.

skip to after school...

We walk home and only talked a little,as we get to our houses Nash is outside talking to my Dad."Hi y/n,Hi Hayes!"my dad says."hey Mr y/s/n"Hayes says."So y/n,have you met Nash yet?"Dad asks."yes,Dad"I say a little awkwardly.Nash just smirks at me,as I go to go inside Chad Grier comes out to talk to my dad and says hi to me,"Hello mrGrier"I reply.I go inside say hi to my Mom and I run upstairs.I get ready to go out.

Hayes calls me from outside and I run down stairs and tell my parents where I'm going.Then all of the sudden I hear Hayes and Nash talking."where are you going Hayes?"Nash asks."to meet our friends now go away"Hayes says annoyed."mind if I come?"he says."yes I do mind,go find Cam and make trouble with him"Hayes says."screw you"Nash shouts.I walk outside and don't mention anything I heard..We get down to the park and see Kian,Andrea,Sam and Acacia.They wave to us and we wave back.It looks like Sam and Acacia are dating but I wasn't sure (they were holding hands)so we were chilling for awhile talking and then suddenly 4 boys where walking our way.At first I didn't recognise who it was but as they came further it was Nash,Matt and the Jacks.There was no where to hide or walk off to.."Hayes!"Nash shouted."What do you want Nash"Hayes shouted back.They came closer and closer,"what are you doing here?"Hayes asks."what?this isn't you're park we can do what the hell we want here"Nash sassily says."yeah but you haven't been down here for awhile"Hayes says frustrated."well we came to play football since there's a huge field right over by there"Nash says.Matt was just starring at me with a blank face,no emotion to it,What have I done to make him look at me like that?
"Well are we gonna play or are we gonna just stand here?"Jack G says."yeah"Nash mumbles.They walk off ."what is Matts problem with me?"I ask Hayes."I'm not sure,never seen him look at a girl like that.Ever."Hayes says."so,wanna go for a walk?"Andrea suggests."sure where?"i ask."well just around the field and stuff"Andrea said."sure"Hayes says.We start to walk and I catch Matt looking at me,I plan to confront him tomorrow I don't even care what anyone says just because they're 'bad' doesn't mean they'll lure me in.It was finally time to go home so me and Hayes were walking back to our houses,we didn't say much but we were messing around.I never really had a friend like Hayes (apart from Kate),he's a genuine guy and I like that.We get to the house and he asks me in,I go in and say hello to the family."hello y/n"Liz says."hello mrs Grier"I reply."oh please call me Liz,I'm glad Hayes has a friend who is only a door away from us"Liz says.I just smile and then Skylynn comes running through the door.."y/n!"Sky screams."hey Sky,what's up"I ask."horses obviously!"she cutely replies with a sassy tone.I laugh as she lets go of me,"so Hayes are you dating y/n yet?"Skylynn asks."oh my gosh Skylynn can you please not talk about that"Hayes stresses,blushing.Skylynn giggles and so does I.."So have you met Nash,dear"Liz says in a worried tone."yes,I have but we aren't friends"i reply."well that's a good thing"Liz chuckles."yup"Hayes agrees."well show y/n to your room,Hayes"Liz says."sure follow me y/n"Hayes says.We go upstairs and hang out for a while until I have to go back to my house.."we'll see you tomorrow Hayes,come to mine after school if you want?"I ask."sure"he says.


Sorry this was rushed!Thankyou for all your comments,I wanted to finish this chapter ASAP so I could get on to the good parts!again sorry it's rushed but the next part will be more exciting seeming as new characters are getting involved❤️

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