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Sitting himself up slowly, Taehyung didn't seem like a morning person. Well neither one of them were, it just that Jeongguk was more responsible and seemed to be able to schedule his time. More disciplined? Who knows.

The older looked at the time and groaned, "it's still really early... lets sleep till... 2:00pm..." yawning he slipped back into the blankets and snaked his arms around the boy. Seeing how carefree the male could be, the younger frowned, sighing he started, "hyung, I'm not tired, you can sleep alone. Please let go of me..." Hearing this, the man was displeased yet didn't let go, instead mumbled groggily, "what are you? A soldier? Cop? Navy officer? Cmon did you even enlist yet? Ah i guess farmers have to wake up early for their crops as well...You a... zzz"

Jeongguk was shocked by the older falling asleep mid sentence and just sulked, I guess i cant do anything... sleeping isn't too bad...

So he wiggled himself back into his sleeping position before closing his eyes.

The boy suddenly jolted away when he heard something being knocked down down stairs so quickly looked around. Where is he? Down stairs? Sliding his feet into the slippers he was offered from the first day, Jeongguk hurriedly ran down the steps. Expecting a disaster in front of him, he was right because Taehyung had a huge can of condensed milk spilled all over the floor. Worst of all Yeontan was licking furiously.

The boy panicked and ran towards the puppy. Lifting the small fluff ball up he looked at the male frustratedly, "hyung!"

This was the first time that the younger dared to raise his voice at the older and after hearing the tone of his own vocal cords he paused. Half expecting Taehyung to scream back at him and half expecting to be hit. Instead the man just chuckled, "my bad, it just fell." Jeongguk lets out a deep sigh and pointed at Yeontan, "no, I'm not angry at that, I mean him. Dogs shouldn't have sweetened condensed milk... H-he's gonna diarrhea everywhere...!"

The sudden smug face on the males face had now disappeared and what took its place was a worried and terrified one. Walking over to Jeongguk, the older was contemplating to reach for the pup or just pat its head because again, Yeontan has 'motion sickness'. Says nobody but him.

Jeongguk looked at the male disappointedly and carried the puppy into the upstairs bedroom and left him in there before returning to clean the mess. Surprisingly, the male was on the floor already cleaning the mess which lessened the amount of the disappointment he felt but once he had walked closer his mouth dropped open. "Hyung what do you think you're doing...?"

Taehyung who was on the floor looked up and sighed tiredly, "cant you see I'm cleaning this mess that the wind made?" The what now... he's blaming the wind... i- be strong jeongguk... you can do this.

Rubbing his temples lightly, the boy looked at the floor pitifully, "you're spreading it out..."

Due to the mans inability to do anything right, the younger ended up just telling the male to go wait somewhere and leave the cleaning to him. Good thing the kitchen floor was made of tiles because if it was wood, the horror would be unimaginable. Seeing that taehyung has seated himself down at a near by couch, jeongguk rolled up his sleeves and got to work with the one towel that the older made a sad attempt to clean with.

After a good 10 minutes, the boy found that he was almost done but noticed how sticky his arms were. Standing up quickly he felt his back rub against that of a person. Being so emerged into his cleaning he had no idea when the older had creeped up behind him. Turning himself to face the older, Taehyung chuckled seeing the scowl on the youngers face, "you know if you keep doing that, you'll get wrinkles, that'll ruin your nice face."

Jeongguk didn't care about how he looked, he just felt his whole body screaming the word 'annoyed', how in the world is he gonna last 5 whole years?

Having enough of the male, he turned back around to clean again but felt a pair of arms flowing beneath his clothes, wrapping around his waist tightly and pulling him in. With one of his hands Taehyung held the youngers chin up towards himself and again repeated, "i said you had a nice face."


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