Chapter 2

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✷ chapter 2 ✷

✷ Chris

Some may call me crazy but really I could care less. All I care about is Natalie and making her mine.

Since Natalie is gonna be eighteen in two weeks I've decided to warm up to her. Y'know get to know her better and to make her fall in love with me , which isn't gonna be easy.

I sprayed on some of my Burberry Cologne on top of my all black suit with shoes to match. I then walked over to my bed and picked up a dozen red roses that I bought for Natalie. They're her favorite flowers.

After I found my car keys I was headed off towards Natalie's house.

Even though I didn't call her or anything , I was hoping she would go on this date with me.

After ten minutes I was finally in front of her house.

I hope she doesn't freak out when she sees me like she usually does.

I took a deep breathe before stepping out of my Lamborghini with the flowers in my hand.

I slowly walked up to her front door and knocked.

"Who is it?!" Someone called from behind the door.

"It's Chris!" I answered back swiftly.

In a couple of seconds the door swung open to reveal an older version of Natalie. It must be her sister.

"Wait are you Chris Brown?" She questioned me standing with her hands on her hips.

She was beautiful but not as much as Natalie. Natalie is one of a kind.

"Yeah that's me." I said with a small smile on my face.

"Oh my god!" She shrieked jumping up and down.

"Aye calm down." I demanded but she kept on screaming.

"Amanda who is it?" I hear Natalie ask walking over to the door.

"Oh it's you." She stated while glaring at me.

"You know him?" Amanda asked her while glaring at her.

"Yeah I do! Now go inside and stop acting a fool." Natalie demanded pushing her sister inside who was still overly excited.

She stepped outside and closed the door.

I just happened to look down to see her wearing an all black tank top and some short ass booty shorts.

I licked my lips while gazing at her thighs. If only she was damn!

"Chris!" Natalie yelled snapping me out of my nasty thoughts.

I quickly looked up at her.

"These are for you." I said holding the roses up.

I could have sworn I seen a smile on her face as she grabbing them from my hands.

"Um thank you Chris." She said with a sad look in her eyes.

"Your welcome beautiful." I answered back with a smile.

She then started looking down at her toes and playing with her long brown hair which I loved so much.

"What's wrong." I questioned pulling her head up by her chin.

"You know there's no way that we could be together right?" She asked with a sparkle in her eye.

"Yeah I know I'm too old for you but that doesn't stop me from loving you!" I said looking deep into her brown eyes.

"Sure. Chris I'm not even sure that I even have feelings for you." She expressed with sympathy in her eyes.

"Well let's find out. Let me take you on a date. If you have a great time then we'll be together , if not then I'll stop bothering you forever." I explained.

For once in a while she smiled.

"Let's do it!" She exclaimed.

I then pulled her into a hug and instead of pushing me away from her she hugged me back.

God it felt good to have her in my arms. I wouldn't want it any other way.

"Get ready for the best night of your life Natalie." I whispered in her ear while quickly grabbing her butt.

"If you don't get your hand off my ass I'll beat the fuck out of you." She threatened.

I chuckled. "Hey it was worth a try."

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