Never There

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"What did you say to me you no good for nothing slut"

I turned around to see the girl that had pushed me and walked away like nothing happened except I should've waited until she was out of ear shot.

"You heard me bitch"
I probably should've walked away but my big mouth had to go and be a bitchy chatty Cathy.

Then she punched me straight in the mouth.

My blood was boiling by the time I got up I was surprised I wasnt hulk by now. You know what I did next, yep that's right I hit her back and didn't stop even when everyone told me to stop.

I kept hitting harder and harder every swing I took. I didn't stop until my right hand was grabbed by the principal.

"What did you think you were doing" he asked once we were in his office.

" I was fighting back she hit me first its not my fault she can't finish something she started" I spat at him.

" Ms. Kinley has a broken jaw, broken nose, and two black eyes thanks to you Ms. Pratt"

"Your welcome Mr. Winchester"

" Nows not the time to be a smartass Ms. Pratt"

Wow I have never heard him cuss ever not even when he was furious and I mean like Voldemort furious at student's.

Like last year one of the football players decided to prank one of the sophomore girls. But we all know Taylor aka girlfriend of Christmas past, really put him up to it. Anyway he asked her out as a joke broke up with her when she told him she loved him and she nearly killed herself.

She tried to kill herself on school grounds in front of everyone in an assembly. But now she's in Wisconsin. Her and her mother moved after that incident.

"I'm sorry Mr. Winchester"

" Since Ms. Kinley he's started the fight she will get her punishment soon after yours. Your punishment is to serve 1 month of detention in Mr. Rutland's classroom after school starting tomorrow after school" he said.

After that he gave me a pink slip and sent me off.

Before I went off to second period I wanted to see how much damage I had done to heather apparently that was her name.

I walked by the nurses office and gasped Mr. Winchester was right she was badly hurt.

But then I started laughing because I didn't know I had it in me.

Well Heather that's what you get when you mess with Emily Pratt.

But then as I was walking away I realized Dylan was never there to see my victory. Damn.

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