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Lydia and I raced to the police station as fast as we could. Malia tagged along and was sitting in the back seat of my car.

"Do you think she can help us?" I asked and Lydia nodded her head.

"She came to find us didn't she?"

"I just hope we can stop all of this before it gets bad. We're all on that list and people are being murdered daily." I sighed and pulled into the police station, a building I was becoming far to familiar with.

We were greeted by the Sheriff and Jordan.

"She's in my office." The sheriff said and we followed him into the room.

"No no no she can't be in here!" Meredith said loudly.

"Meredith it's okay she's my friend! My close friend!" Lydia tried to reassure her.

"Come here." Meredith said to me. I cautiously sat down next to her. She placed her hand to my face.

"Be aware Lacey, you are much stronger then you think. But don't give into your memories, they will destroy you." She whispered to me. I gasped slightly astounded at what she was telling me.

"E-excuse me." I stuttered and walked out of the room. I sat down on the bench and placed my head in my hands. Everyone else was still in the office talking to Meredith.

I saw another flash in my side vision. A man was standing outside the window, that man being my father.

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