Chapter Five

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It has been a few days since school had started again. It seemed like Joel didn't say anything to the school about what happened between us, but whenever we passed in the hall, he would give me a dirty look. How was I so fooled by his looks? Behind every pretty face was a bad personality. Cristal joined in with the cruelest face. I kept my word that I wouldn't tell Joel anything about her cheating on him. Even if I tried, he wouldn't believe me. I still miss him being the only friend I ever had, but I knew that I was going to get over it.

There was a new guy in the Academy. His name is Marcus Emery. He was a strange guy, but he looked pretty nice. He had brown eyes as dark as chocolate, black hair like a raven's wing. He always dressed in dark clothing, but he wasn't a goth. He was always alone and looked like he was a troublemaker. He definitely made that assumption true. The next day after he came to the Academy, he started a fight with one of the jocks. He got a detention, while Craig got home free. It surprised me how all the athletic groups got out of any punishment. When I walked past the detention room, he had a ripped, black binder with him. At first, I thought he was doing work until he took out the page. He was sketching.

He sketched a drawing of a Volvo vehicle. I only saw him use a pencil. There was never color in his sketches. Before I could wait him out to talk to him, a teacher would start walking to the detention room. I didn't want to get into trouble, so I always walked away. I already knew that he was my age because he was in all of my classes. My art teacher, Ms. Gomez, adored his work. He usually got the highest mark in the entire class or maybe the entire Academy. Even in class, he always sat by himself. Whenever someone would sit by him, he would either move or just be very silent.

I noticed that in the past few days, I wanted to get the courage to talk to him. What if he needed a friend? Everyone deserved at least one friend. He always got called a freak in the halls and got pushed around. At one point, someone tried to take his binder, but he was stronger than the other. He always seemed to accept the fact that he was getting bullied, but it wasn't good for him. Bottling up problems led to emotional explosions. He probably won't trust anyone here since most of the kids he met wanted to beat him up, especially Joel.

Joel was the one who always started the fighting and arguing. After he got it started, Cristal took a shot at him and then everyone started to pick on him. I was the only student in the Academy that wouldn't participate in the bullying. The entire Academy, apart from me, had imaginary problems with him and it wasn't fair to him. It was all so wrong for the Academy. We were supposed to be a bully-free school, but now the teachers have given up on patrol. No one got caught bullying and if they did, they were never punished for it, unless you were Marcus.

It was a cloudy Thursday and Marcus seemed to be outside on one of the benches. It was only when it was cloudy he ever went outside. He was always sketching the scenery he saw, which was the forest. Just a few feet from the Academy, there was a forest. You could smell the pine trees and every once in a while, you could see a fox. There was potential beauty in it, but no one dared to enter. We usually weren't allowed to leave the property, but we always got the rare chance to leave the grounds. Not one person had decided to go into the forest, but I had feelings that I would with Marcus if we were to become friends. Today was the day that I was going to talk to Marcus. I honestly wanted to be friends with him, not because I felt sorry for him but it just felt like I had to be friends with him.

I pushed the door open and walked outside towards him. I didn't care what people would think of me. It was none of their business with my choices. If they think it was a mistake, I wouldn't care anymore. Some reputations weren't worth it. I know that my reputation won't be ruined, but technically it already was. As I was walking towards him, he looked up from his sketchbook and looked at me. He started to pack up his stuff to move somewhere else.

"Wait. I came to say hello." I said, holding my hands up. He stopped moving and looked up, his brown eyes staring into my soul. As he looked at me, I could feel my stomach clench. How could I be having feelings for Marcus already? I've only met Marcus just now and already I was developing feelings for him. "How do I know you're not lying?" he asked, giving me a look. When he spoke, he had a slight British accent. I forgot that he moved from Manchester in the UK. His accent was beautiful, but I looked him in the eye as I spoke, keeping calm.

"I was never in the groups when they teased you. I was always sitting far away, seeing it happen. I'm sorry that I haven't said anything sooner." I explained. "For some reason, I believe you. I'm Marcus; Marcus Emery," he said, extending his arm towards me. "I'm Breanna Lawson," I said, shaking his outstretched hand. "I always see you walking alone when I pass you in the hall. Why is that?" he asked. "Well, I sort of don't have any friends anymore. It's a long story that I don't want to talk about." I explained, looking at my hands. "I know the feeling," he said. "Care to elaborate?" I asked. "I don't really talk about my feelings," he said. "I understand. You're just not ready to say anything." I said. "You actually understand?" he asked. "Well, yeah. You don't have to tell me anything until you know you can trust me." I said, smiling. He smiled back and started sketching again.

"You're a really good artist," I said, watching him sketch. "Thank you. I started drawing when I was three and stuck to it ever since" he said. As I was watching him sketch, a group of jocks moved towards us. "Hey, is this guy bothering you?" asked Craig, looking at me. "No, but you are. Why don't you go bother someone else." I said, anger hinting in my voice. "You two are the biggest dorks ever." he laughed, walking away with the jocks. "You didn't have to stand up for me," he said. "Well, I'm sort of trying to be your friend. It was necessary." I said, smiling at him. As soon as he smiled, my stomach did a little flip.

While being near Marcus, I completely forgot about the situation with Joel. All the feelings I had ever felt for Joel had disappeared. He was in the past and Marcus was my present. Joel is now a ghost in my life and I was starting to accept the fact that he played me like a violin. Already, I could tell that Marcus was different than him. He seemed like someone who would care, but wouldn't show it exactly yet. It seemed like he would be the first new friend I got again, just like I am his new friend, unless he did have friends. On the inside and outside, I was proud of myself for speaking to him. I was even more proud of myself when I stood up for him. I should have done that a long time ago.

For a quick second, I turned my head towards the school and saw Joel looking out the door. As soon as our eyes connected, he disappeared from the door. All I felt was anger towards him. He faked an entire friendship with me and I completely hated that. I hope that the decision he made for our friendship made him happy. With the way he humiliated me at that party, it made me think that I did not need that asshole in my life. No matter how many times Joel apologized to me, he would never be able to get my trust back. He would never come back into my life and ruin my happiness. I was happy with how things started out with Marcus and me already with the friendship, and I can't wait to see what would happen between us.

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