Part 2

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Beyonce groaned because the sound of her phone waked her up from her sleep
Looking at the caller it was her manager "Sadie"

She tapped the green button and placed the phone to her ear

"Hello" She said in her morning voice

"Hey Bey sorry to wake you up, you got a interview this afternoon with Big Boy" Sadie said on the other side of the phone

"Yea I remember I will be there" Bey said in the phone

"Alright there will be a driver to pick you up soon" Sadie said

"See you later" Bey said hanging up the phone

Bey groaned and started making her way to the bathroom

She took a long shower because she knew she was gonna have a long day

At Big Boy

Beyonce made her way into the building for her interview

They told her to took place behind the mic because she was already on the late side

"BigBoy goodafternoon today a very special guest the queen right now we got BEYONCEEEEEEE" Big Boy announced

"Heloo helooo" Beyonce said in the mic

"So Beyonce how are you girl you're doing big things out there" Big Boy said

"I'm doing my best I feel blessed to do the things I love the most" Beyonce said with a big smile

She is really passionate about her music and has so many things she stills want to do
She also wants to model and act in movies

"So you got new songs coming up ?" Big boy asked

"Yeah I got some new things coming up" Beyonce said

"Any collabs ?" Big boy asked

"Yeaaaaaa" She said

"With whoooooo ?" Big boy asked curiously

"Weeelll with Chris" She said with a smile

"Ooooh with Breezy" Big boy asked with a raised eyebrow

"Yeaa we worked together last week and we got a nice song coming up" She said

"With Breezy huuhh" Big Boy smirked

"Yeah why ?" She asked confused

"Last time I spoke to Breezy and I asked him bout you he started stuttering like o-o- b-b-butt" Big boy said laughing

Beyonce just laughed

"You got something to say about that ?" Big boy tried to reach for answers but Beyonce really don't know what he was talking bout because nothing happened

"Not really I mean Breezy is Breezy right" she chuckled

The rest of the interview went by smoothly so now Beyonce was on her way for a photo shoot for a clothing line

Her manager didn't say wich clothing line it was a suprise and Beyonce didn't like suprises

The vehicle stopped at a huge building and the driver opened the door for Beyonce
In the parking lot was a orange lamborghini, so she knew somebody famous or rich was here

She stepped inside and was greated with Black Pyramid clothes

You gotta be kidding me
She tought to herself

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