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Hey everyone! I know I really shouldn't be starting a new book, but it's a new year! So new year, new book! So here is the prologue, it is just getting you into the style I am using for this story and also the set out... the juicy stuff will be coming up in chapter one so keep with me please! Also, just to clarify: I am from Australia and this book is set in Australia so if I use terms that you don't know about or places you wish to know more about feel free to ask in the comments! Xxx

        Pronunciation: Cassius = cuss-I-us.

        The sun pelted down against the hard dirt roads and thick bushlands. Four cars, rusted with age, drove along the roads; rattling as the wheels crunched over uneven ground. The suspension did nothing to help Celia stay in her seat as they bumped along. 

        Her head hit the roof as they ran over a large rock but she didn't mind, she was too excited to worry about the rough ride. This month is the first time she's allowed to go to the markets and she couldn't be more happy. Ever since she was a pup all she could think of is what the markets would be like. Her friend, Evangeline, said it was amazing. Hidden within the glasshouse mountains, smack bang in the ring of territories. 

        The markets were held on the tenth day of every month. The Alpha's would split off and have a meeting while everyone else would set up their market stall. There were twelve in total. One stall for each surrounding pack.

        Celia's mother, Jane, cut the engine as they parked on the side of the road. Celia hastily ripped off her seat belt before she jumped out, leaving the air conditioning behind as she looked around. Bushland surrounded them on either side. Five cars lined up in front meaning they weren't the first pack to arrive. 

        Large utes pulled up behind them and Celia ran towards the first. She jumped onto the rusted metal back without waiting for it to stop in order to retrieve four bags full of quilts she had sewn. This was the reason why she wanted to come so badly. Evangeline hopped out after her father, Alpha Lennon. Her white-blond hair flew behind her as she jumped out of the front seat.

        "Celia!" She called as she ran quickly around the ute to her friend. They smiled in greeting as Celia dragged out the faded bags. Each girl placed two on their back as they waited for the adults to finish unpacking. It was January month, the start of a new year. 

        Everyone pulled out the stall equipment and spread it across the group. The only way to the markets was to walk. Thirteen people in total had been invited to this months markets. Not everyone gets to go, only the higher class wolves. Too many people would create chaos.

        Alpha Lennon looked up towards the sky. No clouds covered the pale blue sky, only the trees that swayed about them. "Let's go!" He called out before turning around and letting the thick shrub engulf his lower body. 

        A line formed behind the Alpha and the girls exchanged excited glances. "You're going to love it Celia! We will find you some more material to make the quilts," she beamed. The last few times Celia had to ask Eve to buy it for her, the material the north pack brings is absolutely beautiful.

        Everyone stared down at their feet, watching as they carefully placed one foot in front of the other. Jane stomped harder than necessary in order to keep the crawlies away. She hated snakes, spiders or anything that classified as reptile, insect or arachnid. She didn't care if the venom wouldn't kill her. Others didn't seem to have this phobia and she didn't understand.

        "I'm going to buy all the recipes!" Eve shouted from the back of the group. Everyone flinched from the sudden noise and she burst out in laughter. Eve was a cook franatic. She could make anything as long as she had instructions. 

        Birds chirped and cackled, some louder than others as the large group made their way to the market sight. Celia couldn't wipe the smile off her face as she weaved through paperbark trees and long grass. Her body buzzed with excitement when the first lot of stalls came into view. The sun beat down on them, giving off a 37˚C heat at 9am. It was going to be a hot day, but she didn't care.

        Alpha Lennon stopped in his tracks and the group gathered around him patiently. "Here is the set out for this month," he pulled out several sheets of paper and passed them around.

        "We're next to the east pack," someone whispered doubtfully. No one liked the east pack. In fact, everyone feared them. They weren't the biggest pack in the area. They were just cruel, cold and deadly brutal. It was rumoured that they started off as a group of rogue's that took over a pack in Victoria before coming here.

        "Yes, I know. This means we probably won't get many sales," Alpha Lennon shrugged as if it were no big deal they had pulled the short straw. We would be lucky to get a sale at all, Celia thought. No one would willingly go near that pack and definitely wouldn't go near the Alpha. 

        Alpha Cassius was cruel and everyone knew it. Rumours were constantly going around about him and his pack. It's believed that he plans to take all the land and kill everyone on it. It's not a far fetch as it's how he got the east territory.

        "Let's go!" Brooke called as she dragged the tent over to the designated set out area. Everyone else walked slowly behind her as Alpha Lennon went to join the rest of the Alpha's. Celia looked in every direction and drank in everything she could see. She had been waiting for this moment most of her life and now that she was eighteen, she could see it for the first time.


Glasshouse Mountains in the media on the right! XX

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Thanks all for reading! I will post Chapter One when I get some comments! Xxx

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