Chapter 11: Pinocchio's nose.

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To say it is huge,is an understatement. I am sure to be lost in this house,just like the first few times I visited Lou's house.

Theo walked up to the door and a  beautiful black woman with brown eyes opened the door. She was gorgeous like model or actress kind of gorgeous.

"Hello Mrs. Walton."Theo says in a sing song voice.Mrs.Walton gives us all a warm smile and ushers us in.

"For the hundredth time Daniel,you can call me Alice."She then turns to us "Come on in kids,Sydney talks about you guys a lot." She smiles taking a seat at one of the couches in the large room.

Sydney walks in and Mrs.Walton takes in her mood.She gives a concerned look to Sydney and Sydney forces a smile for her step-mom.

I remember Davien telling me about her mom,mentioning how she made the best cakes.

Mrs.Walton tried to say something but Sydney cuts her off."Mom,I am fine.Really."

"If you say honey."

"Guys?What are we doing until dinner gets ready?"she directs her attention towards us as Lou and Theo indulge in a conversation on Disney movies.

"Syd,What's your favorite Disney movie- Lion King or Finding Dory? "Lou stares at her expectantly.

"Please say Finding Dory."Theo pleas dramatically.

"Well,I haven't really watched either so.."

Sydney couldn't even complete her sentence when Lou gasps. "Wait what? You haven't watched Lion King?"

Sydney shrugs and sits beside me casually."Well I know what we are gonna do now."Lou jumps up suddenly.

"What?"Sydney asks when Lou grabs her hand ushering her out the door.

"We are watching. The Lion King now!Hola guys! See ya later! "He waves at us and leads Sydney away and across the hall even when she tries to protest.

"Well.."Sus starts but they are already out of sight.

"Well you made us loose so shut up."Luke mocks her.

"We were second from the last.Does it really matter?"Jayden shrugs.

"That too because you both were laughing like maniacs."I state.

"Not my fault,Jy pointed to the woman wearing a unicorn  floatie in the kids pool."Gaby laughs.

She locks eyes with Jayden amidst laughs.Gaby reaches out and jokingly ruffles Jayden's hair and i see his cheeks turn a hint of red.

Theo pokes me and whispers ,"I ship them."I nod in agreement and he grins wider.

"Are you all done ? We have a movie to watch."Vani says getting up.

"Lion king it is."Jayden exclaims catching up with Sus as we follow behind


I am tossing and turning in bed.All the other girls are fast asleep in the room.I pick up my phone when a notification sound pops.

2:19 AM

Clueless Peeps

Theo added you

Theo -Veah! 
Theo(2) -Veah! 

Davien:Not everyone stays up at this time unlike you.

What is it?-Neveah

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