Chapter 11: Pinocchio's nose.

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"I call Shotgun."Vani yells as soon as we walk out of the water park.She has been nicer to Davien,well as nice as Vani could get.We pile up in the vehicles not really caring who sits where.After all we had the same destination.

Theo realised we'd be too exhausted for the day-which for sure doesn't apply to him-  and suggested a night stay.El on the other hand drove back home saying he wanted to hang out with Ace.

 Sus,Luke,Jayden,Lou and Syd sat in Luke's car.Vani sat upfront in Theo's jeep.I took the window seat and Gaby occupied the other side.The back seat left empty.

I put in my earphones.A soothing tune fills my senses.

Music brings the calm in the chaos.

When suddenly one side of my earphone is yanked out of my ear.I didn't even have to turn my gaze to know who it is.

Davien.Davien Ray Atwell.

I let the name linger in my mind.Calmness running through veins,Heartbeat matching the piece of music,and deep breaths dancing on its rhythm.

Out of the corner of my eyes,i looked at Davien looking at the rain.I saw the sky,wrapping the storm around.

 Aren't the falling raindrops most beautiful of all?

"Indeed."Davien spoke softly.I didn't realise I had said it out loud.I looked at him,a small smile spread over his peaceful place.His brown-black curls peeking from his hoodie-what is with this guy and hoodies-.Yet his clear green eyes held a wary look as if he had pulled up a shield covering every emotion.

He directed his eyes to me holding my gaze.I let my eyes linger over his face,flickering from his perfect cheekbones,half-smile and sharp jawline.

His eyes softened but returned to neutral holding no expression so quickly that i thought I may have imagined it. 

The lightning far way broke our gaze but we didn't look away.

"It's getting hot in here."Vani directs the sentence towards us a smirk plastered to her face.My cheeks flush and i look out the window avoiding Vani's smirk.

Theo suddenly turns up a song in the car. He started singing "Woman like me" in a high pitched voice.

At that moment I realized, Theo cannot sing!
"What the-Daniel! Shut the fuck up,You know you sound like an arse!"Davien screams over the music.

Theo ignored him and instead elbowed Vani urging her to sing along. To add to the horror ,Vani joined him.And it got worse from there.

Now we had Theo and Vani singing in high pitched girly voices.We could barely hear the actual song.

I couldn't help and laugh at Davien's horrified expression when Gaby joined them too.

Theo outdid everyone at Nicki Minaj's part.

I-It's the Queen and Little Mix, skated on 'em, sorry
My daddy is Indian, a-all this curry.

Finishing up that part,Theo turns to us.His eyes lit up as he blurted out."If someone's dad is Russian,so perhaps the whole world is Vodka?"

"Don't try so hard Auberon."Davien rolls his eyes at him.

"Oh you're just jealous Atwell."Theo grins as he pulls to a stop

We stop in front of Sydney's house and Luke's car follows on cue. I look at the house in the familiar street. I never really paid attention to this house even though it was just besides Lou's house.

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