X factor concert!!! seeing the car

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This is it we are about to leave to go see our future husbands. I'm wearing my new hollister hodie and I have curled my hair so I think that this is one of those days where my hair isn't messed up. Lana says that she is going to wear a nice casual dress but pretty at the same time. Imogen is like Louis because she is random and funny so she will wear something nice.

" wow, you look lovely Lana, Harry will love it!" " thanks, you look stunning too!" " Ivy Louis will love the outfit!"  We are here and their car should be driving past us any minute now. My mom made me wear this bag because she thought that I needed to have my mobile a stuff with me. THAT'S THEM!!! "Ivy what are you doing?" " I'm tickling you so that you will be laughing when they see you!" " MY BAG!!! NOOO STOP THE CAR!!!"  I heard a crunch and I knew that was my mobile under the car. I think that One Direction had heard it too because the car stopped and Liam came out with Harry and then they looked at the crushed bag that was under the wheel. They asked if anybody here owned the bag and I slowly walked out in front of the crowd and stared at what was left of my Blackberry that I got for Christmas. They saw my face and gave me the bag. I went  to go and while I was walking back Liam said " Wait we will buy you a new one if you want? We are very sorry." I heard all of the gasps that came from behind me and I turned round to see Liam smiling at me. "Really?" " Yes of course, whats your name?" " Gemma, but can my friends come too?" " Of course Gemma! Let's go." Lana and Ivy came walking out in shock at the fact that we were about to get inside of their car. 

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