My love story with one direction :)

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hey guys I'm going to start a new story and of course it's going to be about ONE DIRECTION!! hope you enjoy :) xxx

Hey! i'm Gemma and well i'm 19 and in love. You may wonder who i'm in love with and that would be Liam Payne from One Direction. He is so, so beautiful. My friends are Lana and Ivy and we all love One Direction a little too much. Lana is obsessed with Harry and his hair, while Ivy is in love with Louis.

"Gemma, where are you?" "Lana, i'm coming just give me 5 minutes!" Lana is very happy at times because when she thinks of Harry her legs open and will not close until we come and make her think of something else, but that is very hard to do and only me and Ivy can do that.

We are super excited! We are going to see X factor live tonight! We have been counting down the days until now when it is today oh my god! We are going to be able to watch the car go past with them in it and i'm going to practice my smile so that Liam falls in love with me. I cannot wait!

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