Chapter 1

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                                                         The Adoption

"She got adopted. Finally." Orphanage owner, James, said with venom in his voice.

Since I was a kid I have never met anyone who has shown any ounce of care for me. All my life I have taken care of myself. I have changed orphanages a lot and none of their owner liked me. I really hope the new family likes me. 

"This is such an amazing new!" Her wife, Miranda was more than happy to get rid of me. It's not that they were a bad person. Maybe It's me who has some fault because no one in orphanages hate them. 

"Have you verified that it's a safe place?" Their son, Ian, asked. He was the one who gave me food and stuff cause my existence didn't matter them. 

If we come to think about it I in my whole life haven't done anything wrong. It's just the way I am am maybe I am not likable. It hurts though to be alone. 

I wish this nightmare gets over and people start caring for me just like I care for them.

When I was a kid I promised myself that I would fight for myself. My mother left me in front of a orphanage. Since the day I was born I was burden to people around me. I hoped this could end. Not me just this sad stuff because I wanna live and make people care for. I really hope that this battle I am having, against whom I have no idea, just wins and I win. 

"Who cares, Ian? We just want to get rid of her and it's happening. Don't stress over it" James replied. I really hope this new family brings a change in my life.  

"We should check it though." Ian argued.

" It's not like we love to have her here." Miranda said.

"Let's just inform her." Ian said.

Every kid in this orphanage hated me. So I heard that they were gonna have a party after I leave.

The Next Day

"Welcome Mr. Anderson and Mrs. Anderson. Please settle down so we can continue with the adoption process." James said.

"Sure. Can we meet Amelia?"

"Um.... We can talk about the adoption first then you can surely meet." Miranda said. 

"Sure." They continue with the formalities. Anderson looked like they were wealthy and friendly.

 As much as I know they have a son around my age and they want to adopt me as they want a daughter in there family. 

"Thank you for cooperating with us you can take Amelia with you." People in orphanage were really happy as someone they all hated is going. 

"Amelia dear can you please come with me your new family is here" They were showing that they actually cared about me which they never did. But I just went along with it cause this world is cruel. Mr and Mrs Anderson gave me a small smile. I was excited to go away from here.

As soon as I entered in their car  I met their son or my adoptive brother. He looked a bit younger than me maybe year or two.

"Amelia meet  Jack our son." Mrs. Anderson introduced. " Jack meet Amelia your new sister." They looked happy to have me, except Jack, it felt good. 

"It's gonna take us two hours till me reach home, Amelia." Mr. Anderson told me.

"Thank you, Mr and Mrs. Anderson to have me." I really felt happy for the first time and thankful too.

"Call us Alan and Julie please." Wow. This is the best treatment I have received in my whole existence.

"Which school do you go to Amelia?" Mr. Anderson asked.

"Hampton college, Mrs. Ande- I mean Julie."

Their was an uncomfortable silence now. I really don't know how to continue cause this is the longest someone has talked to me. I feel happy.

"Can you please drop the creepy smile." Jack said.

"Behave, Jack" Alan scolded. 

"I am so sorry for his behavior Amelia. Jack apologize now." Julie said.

"I am sorry, Weirdo."   Okay. That was a bit rude. Julie was about to scold her again but I interrupted . "It's fine Jack." I didn't wanna ruin this new relationship as this was the best I ever had.

"We are home." Alan said.

Their house was  massive. As we entered the house I saw a beautiful fountain and a stable. Their are rich holy. 

I saw a guy come from the kitchen and he didn't look like house help. "Amelia, meet Daniel he is the son of my friend. He is here for his studies."

He was staring at me like he knows me for years. This was a bit creepy. But I didn't say because I didn't wanna ruin my chance of having a family.

"Hello Amelia, Nice to meet you." Daniel said. "Likewise."

He smiled and went back to his room. I don't remember where I have seen him but he looks familiar. Like I know him.

Anyway, I got adopted finally and that too in an amazing family. 


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