Chapter 6~ Alexis

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Everyone thinks I'm dead, I managed to see them talking about me. A couple days ago, I got away from wherever I was trapped. I've been waiting for the right time to come out, but there never is a good time, everyone's always focused on one thing, me. 

I saw Shay and Dani sneak into my room, searching everywhere for my diary. They thought I was horrible at hiding things, maybe because I was bad at lying. Shay probably heard me whisper through the window to look under the carpets. She probably thought it was just something she heard in her head, but she did it, and she just about found it when my parents walked in.

Once I saw them, I began to run far away from the house when I saw them standing in the doorway. My parents are both fifty years old. Mom is a five foot, super skinny lady with short, curly hair that was kind of the color of Blake Lively's. My hair is a more dirty blonde. She works a few hours, five days a week as a cashier at a music shop. Mom always wanted to be a musician-she played the guitar like me- but never ended up doing it.

My Dad is a lot taller than mom, he is about 6'7 feet tall, has a round stomach, round as in he looks pregnant, and has chestnut brown, curly hair. Dad works at a Huntington or whatever it's called bank. Honestly, I have no idea how they managed to fall in love. 

AJ, my younger brother who is thirteen, looks like a younger version of my dad, except doesn't look pregnant, he actually looks pretty fit. AJ hates music, except for like screamo, and hangs out in his room a lot. One time, I caught him with my drugs in there, and somehow, that was the beginning of a life long friendship.

The only thing our whole family has in common is our skin color, which is a light chestnut brown.

Anyways, so I'm running away from the house. 

I am moving as fast as I can to get back to where I am hiding, when someone tackles me. I fall into the grass, thankfully, but my head hits something hard and I can feel blood begin to drip down the side of my face. 

Above me, there is the sky. I gaze at how it's cloudless, and a beautiful dark blue color, just like my eyes. My eyes begin to shut as I fall asleep, or maybe I'm just passing out, but I don't feel anything. I don't feel sad because I haven't talked to my friends. I don't feel mad since the police haven't caught who's doing this to me, and even I don't know. I don't feel pain because of getting hit. It's almost like I have lost all sense of emotion.

Eventually, my eyes shut, and everything goes black. When I wake up, I'm back in the dark room with only a candle in front of me. I'm tied back up in the same chair. Around me, it smells like pee and dead animals, but I can't plug my nose. 

I don't want to live like this anymore. 

I'm close enough to the candle, that with my foot, I can lightly kick the candle, eventually it falls over, and I am prepared for my death, but I didn't except a flame so big, white, red, and orange to fuse in front of me.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

One month ago

"Shay, why don't you just ask him out?" I ask her, as we talk on the phone. Right as I get home, I always call Shay up. She has the best gossip about the nerds, and I have the best about the populars. Shay is also a good person to talk to if you need someone. At times, she may be vulnerable to things, but it also helps her when it comes to helping others.

"Because 1.  I am a girl, 2. I don't want to embarrass myself, 3. we're best friends, and we've been best friends so 4. I don't want to change that" Shay answers. I groan at her. She's liked Kyle since 6th grade, now here we are, 11th grade, and she still hasn't worked up the nerve to ask him out.

"Kyle so likes you! Maybe he's just as nervous as you!" I state, and then she groans at me.

"No" Shay says, and then take a deep breath.

"I don't want to mess up my life" she adds. 

"But think of how it could improve, you would have Kyle. You saw how romantic he was when he dated Shelly or Shelby or whatever that girls name was. He always bought her flowers and chocolates. Kyle even took her to the beach one weekend over the summer. He was heartbroken when she dumped him" I reply.

"Fine, I'll think about it" Shay takes a deep breath and sighs.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

I always wondered if she would ever do it. I knew she wouldn't do it that day, or the next, or in the next week, but I knew one day she would get the courage. When I heard that Kyle asked her out, I was so happy for them, and then when I heard them say that she said no, it took all my self control to not break into her house, sneak into her room, and kill her.

I miss them all so much, but like I said before, it didn't make me feel sad when seeing them, I just felt the same, like I wasn't on the run, like I hadn't been kidnapped. 

Something was wrong with me. How could I not feel anything?

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