Chapter 118

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"Ma, how long are you staying?"

My mom came over this morning to do wedding stuff with Blake & I. My mom's a good wedding planner and she knows what I like, so why not get her to plan our wedding, right?

"I don't know."

"Well, you said you're staying until the baby gets here, right?" I asked.


"That's doesn't make sense. Y'all might as well just stay until like, the end of July because the baby's due in a couple weeks, Monique's getting married in June and our wedding is in July. There's no need to keep coming & going."

"I guess that makes sense," she said.

I gave my mom a cheeky smile and continued to look for a song for Blake & I to dance to.

"And you already have your dress?" my mom asked.

"Yeah," I said, "but what if I can't fit into either of my dresses?! I'll cry."

"Bri, you'll be fine. You're gonna have the baby and your body's gonna snap back," Blake reassured me.

I gave him a faint smile and he looked over the guest list.

Bri, how do you know A.J. Green?" Blake asked.

"Uh, his aunt is married to my dad's uncle. He's like my big brother," I said looking at my computer, "he said he can't wait to meet you."


"Yeah. He wants to meet the man that that changed my mind about settling down."

He nodded and looked at me like he was afraid, but he has no reason to be. A.J. is harmless.

I continued to scroll through my iTunes library and let out the biggest gasp. "Blake, we have to dance to 'Adore You' by Miley Cyrus."

"Miley Cyrus?" He kinda scrunched up his face a little.

"Blake, don't do that. You've never even heard the song before," I whined, "here, just listen to it."

I pressed play and watched his face as he listened to the song.

Baby, baby yeah, are you listenin'?
Wondering, where you've been all my life
I just started livin'
Oh, baby, are you listenin', oh?

When you say you love me
Know I love you more
And when you say you need me
Know I need you more
Boy I adore you
I adore you

He was starting to get into the song, so I let him listen to the whole thing so he could see why I loved it so much. When it ended, he looked at me and smiled.

"You liked it, didn't you?" I asked with a cocky grin plastered on my face.

"I guess."

"I knew you would," I smiled, "but now we need to talk about Ford & KJ's role in the wedding. I want both of them to be in it."

"Don't worry about it, Bri," my mom said, "I'll figure something out."

I nodded and closed my laptop, "now I'm bored with all this wedding stuff, so I'm gonna go lay on the couch."

I got up from the table and waddled into the living room. I lied there and looked at the ceiling for about fifteen minutes before Blake came in and knelt down on the floor by my stomach.

"Where's my mom?" I asked, running my hand through his hair.

"She and my mom took the boys out," he said after he kissed my stomach.

I continued to play with his curls as he started talking to my stomach - something he's been doing a lot lately.

"Hey baby girl. I can't wait until you finally get here. I am gonna spoil you rotten," he said, trying to whisper the last part. And of course, she kicked the shit out of me.

"Okay, you're gonna have to stop talking to her because it's bad enough that she's constantly doing somersaults in there but once you start talking, she kicks it up. Damn, she's like freakin' Abby Wambach in there."

He laughed and kissed my forehead, "sorry babe."

"Sooo, how's the nursery coming? Because I mean, I always see you, Matt & DJ go up there with paint cans, but you never say anything about it," I said.

"It looks good. You're gonna love it," he said, placing multiple kisses to my cheek.

"I wanna see it!" I said, jumping off the couch.

He grabbed me and put me back down, "you can't see it yet."

"Why not?"

"It's a surprise."

I raised my eyebrow and shook my head, "I don't like surprises."

I tried to get up again and he put his hand on my shoulder. "Well, you'll love this one. Just trust me."

I sighed in defeat and sat back on the couch, "fine."

He gave me a kiss, put his arm around me and we just hung out, by ourselves.

Just the two of us.

A/N: I need y'all's help with the baby's name. Should I give her a name that starts with "B" like planned, or should I change it. Let me know what you think and if you have any suggestions, let me know. 😊✌️

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