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this is fluff! this was supposed to be a lemon until my phone played the song 'take me to church' i felt mah sins crawling my back so yeah i decided to make this fluff ;-;

bold:  nightmare

italic: killer

normal: others.



i was in my passive form when i woke up,my body upper body hurts...i dont know why,i got up wore my slippers and went downstairs to go get my breakfast as i saw dust,horror,cross,eror and killer eating their breakfast "well,someones in a good mood today." said dust as everyone looked at me "mornin' boss" said horror as the others just smiled at me as i sat beside killer. who simply smiled at me and his pupils where showing "did you had a nice sleep last night boss?" killer asked me "uhmm,...kinda?" "kinda?" "i mean...yes..." "well,maybe that's the reason why your in your passive form today." "hm...your right..." i said as a smile appeared on his face.

he was cute like this...his eyes are more beautiful when his pupils are i felt my face heat up. OH SHIT. "you ok boss?" "y-yes! i'm fine..." i said as i looked at the food that was served. "you better not ruin boss's mood killer!" said cross as the guys laughed and killer only gave them a 'really' face. after we were done the guys brought their plates to the sink and so did i.

"i'm not washing dishes today!" said horror "NoT mE."said error "me neither!" said dust and cross as they looked at killer. "i'm guessing you guys want me to do it."  said killer who only rolled his eyes at them. the guys went silent as they ran out of the room. "c'mon guys!" said killer who stompped his feet i only sighed and killer looked at me 

"i'll do it." killer said as he pulled up his sleeves and went to the sink. "i'll help you." i said as i stood beside him he only looked at me with amusement "start washing before i change my mind." i said as he laughed " you have plans for today boss?" "not really." "wanna watch movies later.?" "sure. i guess?" as we both laughed after we finished washing the dishes the guys were smirking at us at the couch. "what'cha guys looking at?" killer said.

"nothing...we were just thinking something. riiiiightt guysss?" said cross who was exchanging looks at the others. "try to  ruin my mood or do something idiotic and ya'll have no day-off" i said as the guys faced me "okayy boss" they said in unison killer only laughed at them "your also involved." i said at killer as the guys laughed at him "WHAT??...WHYY??" killer said as went closer to me."cause your one of the masterminds kills." "but i'm not!" killer said in defense as the guys laughed at him and i gave them a glare.

after a few hours...

"boss,uh...can we go out for a few hours?" dust said as the guys except killer,...was behind him i was holding a book i sighed "fine, but be back before dinner.or else i won't let you hang with your boyfriends anymore." i said and i continued to read my book as they left cheering. after a few minutes killer went downstairs. he yawned "i'm guessing you falled asleep." "hehe,...kinda wanna watch movies now?" "okay" i said as i gently placed the book on the table, killer turned on the tv and played the movie 'scary stories to tell in the dark' he sat beside me and while the movie was playing killer pulled me and i was laying ontop of his chest i blushed.

"what the?!,...killer let me go." i said "the guys are not here." "so?" "so that means i can have you all by myself  and no one interrupting us." killer said as i laid comfortably on his chest "f-fine." i said as he buried his face in my neck "k-killer..." "your so warm." he said as he breathe under my neck "k-killer...why are you like this." "don't laugh at me but i'm having feelings for you lately." "f-for real.?" i faced killer and his pupils was showing his soul shaped like a heart we stared at each other for a moment. and i....kissed him...he blushed but suddenly kissed me back passionately.

" you.." he said shyly as he tighten his grip in my waist, our hands are interwined as he gave me a kiss on my forehead as we snuggled for hours and the movie was finished killer was sleeping. "i love you too..." i said as i fall asleep ontop of him.

YAY! DONEZ! hope you guys liked this! 

@NicaNixxy happy na you?

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