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Hela's POV

The Director barely made it on to the helicopter before the SHIELD complex collapsed. I gasped as the rock fell in, and took an unconscious step backwards. It was lucky we had evacuated everyone else out, or the casualty rate would have been much higher.

Then we spotted a Jeep racing along the rocky terrain. I could make out two SHIELD agents on the front of the car, and a green and black clad Asguardian God. Fury pushed me back from the open door and behind his large frame, firing several shots that ricocheted. Then a blue light hurled towards us, and I screamed as Fury flung both of us out of the flaming helicopter.

I hit the ground hard, and stayed there.

Loki's POV

The raid on Midgard was going well. I had already turned two SHIELD agents, stolen the tesseract, and escaped from their headquarters unscathed. The only thing left to do was deal with the pesky helicopter.

It a was fairly easy task, only involving a zap of the blue energy my septer wielded. The shot hit the helicopter squarely, and it dropped immediately.

I heard a scream, the high pitched voice of a child. Two figures fell out of the helicopter, one much larger than the other. Then it hit me.

Hela. I had just shot down the contraption that held my daughter. My eyes wandered back to the figures. The man had picked Hela up, who hung limply in his arms. I could feel the worry building in my chest. I was tempted to hop out of this moving car, kill the man, and claim my daughter for my own. But I saw her stirring in his arms. She was alright.

sorry, Loki's POV was really bad. I think for other characters I'll stick  to third person.... Anyways.... Onwards!

Hela's POV.....again

I awoke to four depressing words.

"We are at war." Fury said into his earpiece. I stirred in his arms and he set me down, allowing me to stand next to him. "You alright, Hela?" He asked, his voice cracking slightly. He was scared for what was to come, and he knew he would face the wrath of my father if I was hurt. Even if it hadn't been SHIELD's fault.

"Yessir, I'm alright. Bit sore, but I'll make do." I smiled up at the director, who nodded.

"Good. The Avengers are going to need you, Hel." I smiled at the use of my nickname. The director only ever called people by their last names, never by their first, or nickname. I was the only person that rule didn't apply to, as Fury didn't want to go around calling me Lokidottir, like the traditional Asguardian surname. Because of that, he strictly called me Hela, never H, Hel, or Hels, like Tony and Nat. The little bit of affection shown by the usage of that nickname made me grin, and for a moment, I forgot that we were at war with my father. I forgot that we would have to call in the Avengers. I forgot the wreckage of HQ, and the people who didn't make it out. I clung to the affection like a child, clinging to a toy. It was all I had. My father was now Public enemy #1, and here I am, grinning that Fury called me Hel.

Strange, what grief can do to you.

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