Chapter Eight

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Chapter Eight- New People


Zayn's friends were huddled around him, most likely talking about me. They turned around to look at me, probably thinking I was still in the kitchen eating.

"Hello." They quickly turned to Zayn with a shocked expression. Guess they weren't expecting that. I quietly laugh at myself. I sounded way more confident than when I first talked to Zayn. I looked back up to a boy with wavy hair and green eyes walking towards me. I gave him small smile as he walked up to me. Just as Zayn, he towered over me. I knew what he was doing. He was testing me, trying to see if I would back down to him. I stood up straight and crossed my arms over my chest. I looked him straight in the eyes showing no weakness. He smirked when he realized I wasn't backing down. In the corner of my eye, I could see Zayn watching intensely.

"May I ask who you are?"

"Sure. My name is Harry. Who are you?"

"Elisabeth." After our short conversation, he walked back to the group, which was still huddled around Zayn. Zayn kept glancing at me every now and then. After about ten minutes of talking, they all decided sit. They weren't talking as loud as I thought they would. They were speaking in hushed tones. Even though they were sitting down, they were all hunched over. I didn't want to interrupt anything, so I walked back to my room. Since I left the computer on the coffee table, I grabbed a few blank sheets of paper and a pen. As I started to write, my mind ventured off. It reminded me of my childhood before my dad died. We would sit in the dining room and talk about our dreams and hopes for me. He was the one with the idea of becoming a dancer. If weren't for him, I wouldn't have met Audrey. He's probably the only reason I still dance because every time I dance I feel like he's here with me, guiding me through every step.

After about twenty minutes, I started to become weary. I took off my shoes, and pushed the pen and paper aside. Before I got into the bed, I found myself falling asleep.

One Hour Later

I heard whispers around me. I started to move around and groan. Who the fuck was disturbing me? The whispers stopped as I started to sit up. I opened my eyes to see Zayn and he's friends surrounding the bed. I rubbed my eyes lazily.

"Can I help you guys with anything?" I really hated being woken up, especially by people I barely know.

"Well someone's angry." Harry was looking at me with smugged look on his face. I gave him a forced smile.

"Why are you guys in here? Did you need something?" Zayn had one hand behind his back while he rubbed the back of his neck.

"We just wanted to see if you were doing ok. You hadn't come out for an hour, so..."

"That's really sweet, but can I go back to sleep?"

"No, actually. There's someone here to see you. .." Who could be here to see me? It's not like anyone cared enough to look for me in the first place. I walked out of the room behind Zayn. I didn't know if this was a surprise or set up. He moved out of the way for me to see who it was. It was her. I stormed back to the room and locked the door. Why of all people did it have to be her.


Zayn has been banging on the door for past thirteen minutes. I didn't want to see her. She was part of the reason for my heart break.

"Elisabeth, please just open the door." I sighed and got up to unlock the door. I opened the door and looked up to see Zayn with a worried expression. I didn't understand. Why was he worried?

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