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In the last couple of weeks, Rosita and Fezco have been in couples paradise. Even tho he had a bunch of work to do, he still found time to hang with his favorite girl.

Sometime Rose comes in and takes care of his grandmother when he doesn't have time too.

People still mention fragments of her past life but she chose to ignore it since she had what she needs right now.

"Heyyyy!," Rosita said walking into Rue's hospital room.


Rue looked at her with the biggest smile even tho she was in for a kidney infection.

"I love hospitals man, they give you unlimited apple juice and the best part, drugs."

Rose looked at the girl and laughed, "Really the drugs?" She laid down on an empty spot on the hospital bed.

They both laughed for a while.

"So how are you and Fez," Rue said looking at her.

"Stop!," she lightly pushed the girl.

"I'm just saying, you guys look like you've been doing well and I'm just wondering that's all."

Rosita looked at her then said, "We've been doing great, like he has a bunch of drug stuff but we manage."

Rue smiled and said monotonous, "Well you're finally getting some dick."

Again she hit her lightly, then they both laughed for a while then they became quiet.

"Rue I know that you've been not that happy, and don't say you haven't cause I seen it and I know how it feels."

Rosita hesitated then continued again, "You will be happy again I promise like major happy. I know you and Jules are rocky right now but you will get there."

Rue looked at her then they hugged each other.

"I love you, okay?"

Rue nodded and then looked back at the tv.

Rosita went over to Fezco's store to see him sitting alone with cards of Uno.

"Wow really, you wanna play a game."

He laughed then replied, "Yeah Ma I'm gonna beat you this time." He shuffled the cards while she sat down.

They started playing a game of Uno, they played for a while Rosita beating him every time. They enjoyed moments like these because it kinda started their relationship.

"HA! I won again!"

Fez facepalmed himself, "Of course you did."

She laughed then grabbed his face, "You win in my heart so it's fine." She gave him a kiss.

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