30: Shopping Day

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(a/n : before getting started, I recommend you all reading the    22nd chapter if incase you don't remember about the case that Aayat will be talking about in this chapter, and many to come.)

Aayat's pov:

"So, did you manage my meeting with our client, Mr. Ahmed Khan?" I asked to Sila as she was sitting Infront of my desk with files in her hands related to the Mr. Khan's case."

       She looked at me and answered,
"No Aayat, when I called him to inform him about his appointment with us , he told me that he has went to his hometown in other state as his sister is sick and is on the death bed. "

"Ohh.." I said as I took a pencil in my hand.

"Yeah.." she said.

"Did you ask when will he return?" I asked.

"Yeah.. he said that right now he can't say anything but may be he will stay there whole month."she continued.

I nodded and said,
"But that means we will have to delay the case and it's investigation along with study ."

"No.. actually I got some basic information about the case from Mr. Khan, and here is all the information that I could gather in this file."
She said forwarding a file to me.

I took the file as I said to her,

"This is really great. Jazakallahu khair (thank you) Sila for doing this all alone while I was busy because of Abba's accident."

She smiled softly , the soft dimples becoming prominent as she said,

"It's totally fine Aayat. And besides, I am here because I want to get experience, it was my job and privilege to look at these work closely."

I smiled back and then opened the file, examining the pages.

        I examined the pages with carefulness, reading each and every detail. But it was the third page that had caught my attention.

        It was about our client Mr. Khan's daughter , who was allegedly murdered in the conspiracy of Dr. Shahid Sheikh. The detail that caught my attention for a while was her name.

Sarah khan

         "Sarah khan..." I mumbled, my eyes narrowing as I recalled someone with the same name, that had played a very important role in our past,

Mainly , she was the important part of Umair Bhai's life..

"What happened?" Sila asked as she looked at me curiously.

         I just looked at her, but my mind was still playing the trick and thinking if it's was the same Sarah that we had once come accross , through Umair Bhai. Nonetheless, I shook my head thinking that it's just a coincidence and said,

" Nothing.. nothing it's just the name Sarah reminded me of someone. "

          I turned the page and then, a picture was printed on the next page. It was a picture of a girl, it was of Sarah. She was wearing a black colour abaya, her green eyes staring back. They seemed so lively, full of life. There was no doubt that this girl was beautiful. But irony is, a fatal accident and an inhuman person were the reason these eyes were closed for forever.

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