I'm Pregnant And He Doesn't Want Me 7

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I slammed my door and locked in behind me and cried. Why did I trust him? He had done it before what would stop him from doing it again. He was useless, unreliable, lazy, a cheater and no good dirt bag. Why did I always run back to him? I wiped my tears realizing that this was not my fault and obviously if he couldn't help himself he didn't really love me.

I looked around the room and the first thing I spotted was his precious laptop. I walked over to the desk and picked it up. I smiled to my self as I ripped the charger from the computer and walked towards the door. I went to the banister to see Zane yelling at Riley. I aimed for the side of the counter.

I dropped the computer and it collided with the side of the kitchen counter and smashed. I laughed. That felt great. I went back to my room and grabbed his clothes that were dumped on the floor. I threw those over the banister as well. The photo frame that had our picture in it went over as did his phone and the rest of his belongings. "Gabi what are you doing?" Before I knew it Riley was running up the stairs.

"Get out!" I said through gritted teach.

"But Gabi ..." he paused and looked at me with sad eyes. I wasn't going to fall for that again.

So I repeated myself. "I said get out!"

He sighed and turned around. "I'll be back." He yelled as he walked down the stairs. Zane locked the front door as Riley left. I walked down stairs and he met me half way down the hall.

He stared at me trying to read my face. It was blank.

He opened his arms. I was immediately in them hugging him for dear life. I hoped to good he didn't say I told you so. "I'm sorry." He whispered. This brought tears to my eyes, I had momentarily forgotten what had happened. I sniffed.

He brought me over to the couch and we sat down together. "I'm so stupid." I mumbled in to his neck. He sighed.

"No you're not." He said quietly. "He's the stupid one. You're amazing, he's missing out on a lot." He whispered.

"Including his child." I whimpered. The tears started flowing freely after that.

"Shh..." Zane soothed.

We spent the rest of the night like that on the couch until I fell asleep. When  I woke up Zane was carrying me up the stairs. I shifted in his arms and he looked down at me. "Can I sleep in your room tonight?" I croaked. He nodded his head and continued up the stairs.

He placed me on the bed and I crawled under the covers after kicking off my shoes. He jumped in on the other side and pulled me across the bed so I was next to him.

How did such a good day turn in to such a crap one?

I'm having a baby boy

My boyfriend is lying, cheating scum

I'm sleeping in my boyfriends brothers bed



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