•The Three Unforgivable Curses•

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Year: 6th
Haus: Slyther in

D/C - Dream (in the Wizarding World) Career :)

WARNINGS: angst. U r hurt physically by auntie Bella :))))))) lol also might not be the right words, cause i'm too lazy to look for the script :)

Avada Kedavra

The killing curse. That's what it is. One of the unforgivable curses, and the deadliest one- well, it is the killing curse, and with just one hit, you're drop dead.

A frustrated sigh left your lips as you wrote down your answer on your DADA quiz parchment. If Snape was scary in Potions, he was even scarier now that he's the new Defense Against The Dark Arts teacher.

But nevertheless, you're happy for him, because finally, his dream job is now his.

After writing your answer down, you looked beside you, where your bestfriend sat. Draco looked at his parchment blankly. As if his mind was somewhere else.

Glancing at Snape, you saw he wasn't looking, so you nudged the blonde gently, pulling him out of his mind palace.

He gave you a questioning look, which you lightly smiled at, "your quiz won't answer itself."

Draco looked down at his parchment, suddenly remembering he needed to answer this. And fast, since there was only ten minutes left before class ends. He nodded, "yeah..", he said, and started answering the quiz.

You frowned, seeing him quiet, and disoriented. Like something was wrong, and you'd know. You've been friends with him since you've been sorted into the house he's in, so really, you know him better than he knows himself.

"are you alright..?", you asked, concerned. You've always been protective of him, in a caring way.

Like when he's sick, you'll be there to make him feel better. Or when he's feeling down, and he won't talk, you'll be there to feel down with him.

But there are times when you just roll your eyes at him, because he's being so annoying. Like when he's bullying someone, he would drag you into it. But you just sigh, roll your eyes, and walk away.

You didn't like tolerating him in bullying. But you can't stop him, he won't let you, so there really was no point. When he's made up his mind, he made up his mind, nothing will change it.

He forced a smile, and nodded, "of course, why wouldn't i be?"

With eyebrows furrowing, you didn't believe him. There was no way he was alright with that kind of smile.

Nevertheless, you didn't say anything else. You just sighed, and leaned your head on his shoulder.

This wasn't weird for the two of you. You were so close that this was a normal thing that you usually do.

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