Chapter 3

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I woke up around 9 am due to the sun shinning through my windows. I got out of bed and walked downstairs. I didn't see anybody so I decided to just go back to my bed and play on my phone for a while. I was scrolling through my Insagram feed when Sarah walked in and laid down with me on my bed. We laid there for probably half an hour before we decided to get up and get ready. I stepped into the shower and took a little longer than usual. When I got out I dried my hair and left it natural once again. I waltzed over to my closet and picked out light wash, high waisted jean shorts and a black baggy tank top that read 'geek' on it. I slipped on a beanie and white, high top converse and checked the time. 11:57. I went to Sarah's room to see if she was ready yet. "Hey, you ready?" I asked stepped into her room. I saw her emerge from closet and reply "Yeah, I'm ready, lets go."


Sarah and I walked into the shop and saw Shawn and Kyle behind the counter playing on their phones and carrying a small conversation. Luke was across the room helping a costumer with finding skins for the bottom of his board. "What do you guys think of my board?" she asked as she set it down on the counter. "I like it, it looks really nice," they complimented Luke came over after he was done with helping the costumer to talk to us also.

Sarah had taken her longboard for a ride and Shawn and Kyle left to get lunch for the rest of us so that left me and Luke by ourselves. "Hey, I don't work tomorrow, do you wanna hang out maybe?" Luke asked somewhat shyly. "Yeah, of course," I answered. "Great," he smiled "I'll text you then."

Shawn and Kyle came back right when Luke and I finished speaking. "Oh thank god, I'm starving!" I groaned as I saw the food. Shawn, Kyle, Luke and I stayed there until it closed which was at 6:30. Sarah had texted us that she was staying the night at her friends house, so tonight it would just be the 3 of us.

When we got home I stalked into the kitchen, turned on the TV and started to make mozzarella sticks. When they were finished I walked up to my room and got on twitter. I was scrolling through my time line when I got s text from Luke.

From Luke: Hey Emma do you wanna face time, I'm really bored.

To Luke:Sure!

I hopped out of bed and changed into something other than my Aztec onsie. Once I was in normal pajamas I got my phone and started facetimeing him. He answered on the first ring. "Hey!" he smiled. God I loved when he smiled.-'No you don't, you don't like him,' my brain kept telling me. "Hey," I started, "I am so bored, there's nothing to do," I groaned "We can go longboarding to the beach again, if you want." Luke offered. "Yeah, lets do it," "Alright, I'll meet you at your house in like 5 minutes." "Okay see you then," "Okay bye," I got up and now had to change into the clothes I was wearing earlier. Once I fished I got my longboard out from my closet and walked downstairs. As soon as I got to the door, I saw Luke arrive. I walked out right away and we began to ride.

"God, I love longboarding!" I exclaimed. "I know me too, it's just amazing feeling." Luke agreed. We got to the beach and picked up our boards and began walking. At some point we decided to take a break and just lay in the sand. Somewhere during the conversation we started to tell each other everything that we had never told another soul. He told me how he had terrible depression and had an eating disorder. "When my parents died I got extremely depressed. Even though I was only nine, it hurt a lot. When I was 12 I cut myself," silent tears started to drip down my face as I scooted closer to Luke and I began again. "When I was 13 I grew an eating disorder. I had it until about last year." "That's actually why Shawn and Kyle always make sure I eating every meal and eat all of it," I laughed slightly. "I didn't stop cutting myself until I was 15. On June 26th It'll be 2 years clean," I said proudly. "Then since I was extremely young I had insomnia. When I was 8 years old I would be up until 2 am, then when I fell asleep I would keep waking up all night." I finished. "Emily, I'm so sorry," Luke said as he held me tightly. We stayed like that for while before getting up and starting to walk back to the road. Once we got there we started on our longboards and began riding to my house. When we got there, he walked me up to the door. "You can come inside, if you want of course." I told Luke. Why the hell was I getting nervous. "I would love to," he smiled. We walked inside and Luke almost gasped. "How does a longboard shop make this much money?" he said putting enfaces on 'this'. "It doesn't," I laughed. "Our parents were rich, so when they died the money all went to us," I explained. His mouth made an 'O' shape as we walked up the stairs to my room. We walked inside and when you walk into my room there's a hallway that goes towards the left so all he could see was my bed. When we got to the end, this time he actually gasped. "Your room is huge," "Oh shit, is that a band wall?!" he said excitedly as he walked towards it. The wall opposite of me bed was covered in band posters and funny sayings that they said. He examined the wall for probably 15 minutes before he calmed down and sat on my bed with me. He laid down and I sat criss cross right next to him. "So, what would you do?" I asked. "Do you wanna watch a movie?" Luke asked. "Sure which one?" I questioned. "What do you have?" "Everything." I answered. We decided on watching Bad Grampa because Luke had never seen. Half way through the movie my eyes started to droop and I slowly fell asleep cuddled into Luke's chest.

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