Chapter 9:

((Jay's Point of View))

One of the cops came to my cell. “You have a call.” he informs me.

I nod and get off my cot. Before I leave I turn to Chris. “I'll be back soon.”

“M'kay.” She gives me a half-asleep answer. Then she turns over, covering herself up with more covers. A little bit of her blonde hair is visible.

I follow the cop to the phones. “Hello?”

“Jay, it's Clyde.” came a deep voice.

“What is it?” I asked. “It better be urgent. I'm only allowed three calls a month.”

“It is important.” he said.

“Well, what's so important than?”

“The Rodriguez brothers are coming for you. Not only that, but they are wanting your blood. They blame what happened to their sister on you. You gotta get outta there, man.” he said.

Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. I run a hand through my short hair, then rub my eyes. “Tell my brother I said hi. I'll talk to you later.”

Then I headed back to my cell. 'Tell my brother I said hi' was a code. Granted, it wasn't very good, but it was simple enough. It meant that we were moving the escape up. We had no choice but to. The Rodriguez brothers are trouble. You get on their bad side and your body won't be found. Ever.

The cop locked me back into the cell. I went over to Chris, gently shaking her awake.

“What?” she groaned.

“I have to talk to you.” I whispered.


While rolling my eyes, I climbed on top of her. My lips found her's. She then realized what I meant when I said I needed to talk to her. She started to fight for dominance before pulling away. That little tease.

“Okay, what's going on?” she whispered in my ear. What surprised me was that she licked the spot behind my ear after she did so.

I shivered, kissed her a bit more, after that I gave her my answer. “Some people are coming after me. Aiming to kill me. We have to leave sooner.”

“How soon?”

“Two days.”

“Oh.” Was all she said in reply.

I couldn't take it any more. I kissed her hard on the mouth. This time it was because I wanted to. I needed some action, and right now this was the best I was gonna get. Not that Chris isn't gorgeous. But she isn't the type that would allow someone to use her because they were sexually frustrated. By how intense she's kissing back, I may be wrong about that.

We pulled away from each other after a little bit. Before things really started to heat up. I went back to my cot and laid down.

“So why are these guys after you? Is it because of your charming personality?” she asked sarcastically.

“Oh, you like my personality, sweetheart, and here I thought you just wanted me for my body!” I teased her. “They are after me 'cause they blame me for something that happened to their sister.”

“Did you know her or something?”

I sigh. “I was engaged to her.”

((Chris' Point of View))

My eyes widened. Thank goodness he wasn't looking at me. Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck! He was engaged! I was kissing an engaged man! His fiance is probably out there waiting for him in that house in Italy that he talked about. She is probably worried sick about him. Hell, she probably thinks he's gone gay. If only she knew that he was rooming with a chick. One that has been all over him and vice versa. Oh, I'm definitely going to hell now. He's engaged that's almost the same as being married.

That's when I realized what he had said. “Was engaged?”

“Yeah, was. Something happened before we could get married.”

“What happened?”

“I don't want to talk about it.”

“Can you at least tell me her name?” I asked him.

“Valerie. Her name was Valerie.”  

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