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(Sebby's POV)

'Claude bit my daughter......he should pay for it.'I thought to my self while serving Ciel his afternoon tea."SEBASTIAN!!!"Ciel yelled snapping me out of my thoughts."Yes young master."I said calmly."What's wrong with you."He said sounding a little pissed."Nothing young master why do you ask?"I said still worried about Y/N."I had to call your name more than once."He said getting up."My deepest apologies master."I said bowing.

(Alois POV)

"Claude...Why did you let her leave you bloody tart!"I screamed at Claude."I'm sorry your highness."Claude said with the same facial expression he always has."Claude I want you to go get her,NOW."I told him."Yes your highness."Claude said before leaving.

(Your POV)

You were feeling a little better except you could talk but couldn't be heard and could barely move."Father....Father."You yelled softly."How are you feeling my lady."You heard Claude ask forcing you to turn your attention towards the window."C-Claude...."You said backing away from him as he got closer

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