{1} Born Here, Die Here

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I jolted awake, feeling my head lift itself from the ground and hit a hard surface. "Ow!" I winced, holding my nose. "Bellane, you haven't been moving for almost five minutes, but you're still breathing." My brother Kazu, who was two years older than me spectated. "Ne, that's called taking a nap," I mumbled with my hands outstretched. I yawned and lay back down.

I was in the grass, my head rested on the trunk of a large oak tree with the view of Shiganshina. My eyes gazed back and fourth between the people, they seemed the same...all the same. Then it drifted towards the towering sky scrape-like walls. The top of it was almost like it was fading away, the clouds had smoothed it out so it was a hint of grey. "Ne, Kazune," I started. "Hm?"

"What do you think lies beyond those walls?"

The questioned caught my big brother's attention. "Be..lla," I looked at him and his eyes showed glint of something. Something I couldn't have suspected. It was like....like he knew something I didn't.

"Well?" I questioned.

"Do you know why mother and father left us?"

I stared at him, my eyes were squinted. "Kazu, you can't answer with a question that's off topic," I stated, sitting up tightly.

He shook his head.

"Never mind, just..don't ask that question Bellane." My eyes struck him hard. It was unusual he acted so..commanding. Like what a brother should do. But why now off all times?

I shrugged it off as he walked away.

"Pick on someone your own size!" The yell was heard on my right, where I saw a blonde haired boy in the corner of the alleyway with his knees brought up to his chest. Two other kids around my age-a girl and a boy- stood defending the other. I propped myself up on one elbow and turned. 

To my amusement, the grown men fled.

I watched as they helped the boy up, and before they had walked away the girl turned around...to face the top of the hill, to face me. Her purple like eyes bored into my  ones.

Our eyes met for a minute, before mine widened and turned the other way.
I gasped.
Nobody had the courage to look into the Thorn family's eyes for more than a minute. The reason?

My parents said so.

It may sound childish, now that I'm only 12 but it's true.  Our ancestors eye were a different type of green, not many notice, but that's what keeps our family resemblance.

Keeps us living.

I never rethought on that. Ever. If my parents say so, then it's true. It was their last words before they left anyways.

"Courage, only if the centre of the Thorn can be held for over a minute."

"Kazune! I'm home!" I announce, heading towards the tree hut. The door swings open, but no sign of him. "Kazune?"
He's probably asleep.
I went upstairs to check on him, I couldn't just leave him be..not in these parts of town.


I rushed up the steps, "What's all the loud racket-" I swung the door open.

"Be....llane," I stared in shock, my mouth agape.

"Kazune? Kazu?!" I drop to my knees and crawl towards the rolled up figure.

Kazune was up against the wall, his head turned the opposite way from me yet red liquid seeped out from his ragged shirt.

Then the loudest bell rang out through the town. It was ear shattering, yet I didn't care.

"Kazune....Kazune," Testing my luck I rolled him over to one side.

A knife implanted his hip, and had even more of the substance I saw earlier.

I didn't wan't to believe it...


He stared at me, his eyes fixed on mine. "Bellane...get out," I could hear his sharp breaths. His chest lifted high, then dropped.

"Kazune, Kazune what are you doing?" I ask, maybe this was a joke. A joke.

"Bellane, you need to get out of here,"

"But Kazune, there's nobody following us, c'mon let's go." I take his hand, A joke.

"Bella." He snapped. I stared back at him, then let go. My hand had stains all over.

"Remember...I said...never to ask?" This is a joke. 

"They tried to see...the outside world,"

My eyes widened.

I knelt over him, placing a hand on his head. Cold.

"No, why would you say that? You're joking..c'mon now," I broke into a sob.

"Get out of here Bellane," he murmured. I could see the glow fading from his orbs.

"No!" I screamed, "Someone help! Anyone!" My screams had been muffled by the loud bell almost right after I said it.

I looked back at my brother. "Kazune?" I asked. No answer. I bent over and placed a hand on his face, "Kazune?!"

Debris was falling from the ceiling, and the room seemed to be made of dust.

Get out of here Bellane.

I pushed myself away and started towards the exit, but it seemed as if I was placed here, then a flashback.

"I wouldn't mind if I died here,"

"Well, it's common isn't it?"

"Yeah...born here...die here,"

I wasn't even near the door, just a meter away from the corpse when it fell...The ceiling fell.

 Half my body was trapped under part of the roof.

"Born here die here."

My vision had turned out like a vignette. I reached out the other side for my brother's pale hand under the rubble, encrusted with coal; It was the only thing I could see. Once I got hold of it, most of my body relaxed. It was as if were back to the normal days, none of this happened.

My left ear felt filled with a hot icky matter and my right left stung, blinded. Yet I could still sense a form of being around me.With loud, giant footsteps....


Water could have splattered down on half my face, whatever it was I didn't care, but the words escaped my lips even before I could stop it.





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