New York Cinderella 3: The Royal Wedding {Book 3}

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Long awaited and long overdue here is the third book in the New York Cinderella series well I guess TRILOGY now! :D

Once upon a time, in a grand city of wealth, there is a woman who's removed herself from the shackles of slavery to her family. She's found herself in a land of riches with her Prince, soon to be bound together in eternity. This peaceful life she has found may not be there for long, for something dark grows in the shadows...

(5 years later)

Who would have thought that moving was such hard work? I had more boxes then I thought I would use to move.

After the party for Prince's father I moved out of the penthouse and into Prince's house. I thought I had been dropped in to a work of fiction when I moved in there five years ago. It's tucked away in the woods away from the city. Being in a place were the only thing  you hear at night are crickets versus taxi car horns was an adjustment. Their house was three stories high and had over thirty rooms. I was given a room down the hall from Prince. Even though we were a couple his parents were strict enough to make sure that we didn't get into awkward situations. 

Prince was a year older than I so when May came around he graduated from high school his parents and I sat in the back and watched him walk on stage to get his diploma. He got accept to NYU Stern, a prestigious business school. Prince decided he would take over his father's company in the future. And as for me I had another year to go. Prince could no longer drive me to school resulting in my taking the bus...well that was the plan but his parents bought a car for me on my  eighteenth birthday. I tried to tell them it was too extravagant but they wouldn't have it. Now I have a lavish 2013 red Audi RS 5 to drive me to school every day. 

Angie's still been a great friend. Prince's mother got a dress made by Angie for a party and the next day she was working part time with a designer. She's was hardly at school leaving me alone for a time. As for Trina and Laura they continued to harass me through my senior year the only way they knew how...the worst insults they could think up. Their words no longer affected me at that point, with Prince's help I learned to block out what they said to me. Now I never see them since I started college. 

So where was I now?

Unpacking everything I own from my dorm into my new apartment. Well when I say my new apartment I mean our apartment. I'm finishing my last year of school and with winter break it's the perfect...well only time I have to do anything before the spring semester hits. Prince has been working under his father for the past year and a half and in this one year alone he earned enough money to buy a place for himself. Two months after he moved in he asked me to move in. I told him it was too soon since I had just moved in to the dorms at the university. With my last year at school there was no better time for me to move in. 

I dropped the box in my hand in the guestroom with the rest of the boxes. It was heavy filled with all my clothes. The room was almost filled with my boxes, some from Prince's parents house and some from the dorm. 

"Good god I didn't even know I had this much stuff."

"Need any help?" 

Prince was behind me but I didn't look back I was still working out how and where I was going to put all this stuff. "I blame this on your parents. They kept buying me things even when I said it was too much."

Prince laughed, "they were just showing their affection. It's the only way, besides hugging people to death, they know how to express their feelings." Prince came up behind me and wrapped his hands around my waist holding me tightly.

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