Chapter Twelve: The Visitors

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Miley's POV


Someone was knocking at my door. I glanced the circular clock on my wall. Ah, it's not too late for anyone to call round.

Wearily, I lifted myself to my feet. I didn't want to do this, I felt too deflated - literally - but, since I was up. . .

I forced myself to place one bare foot in front of the other, listening to the soft pitter patter of them hitting the cool floorboards.


"Yes, someone has finally found my doorbell. . ."

"I'm coming!" I called to the anonymous visitor. My voice sounded raspy and slightly rough. Ew. . .

I reached for the locks as I neared the door and quickly slide them open, my hands fumbling automatically as I went. Then I touched the door knob and pulled the door so it stood wide open, revealing my 'visitors'. They were just shadows, two dark silhouettes contrasting extravagantly with the bright lights from indoors. This whole affair put strain on my eyes as I tried to make out who the figures were.

"Hello, Miley." a sly voice slithered to my ears and sent waves of shivers down my spine. "I knew this voice. . ."

"Ol-Olivia?" I stammered, bewildered, shocked and confused.

"And me!" called a much deeper voice which was all too familiar to my ears.

"For fucks sake, Liam! What do you want?!" I demanded, glaring daggers from my eyes to his.

"We're just popping in for a. . . visit," said Olivia, her eyes sliding colding over me. She literally towered above me. Well, her heels made up most of that height but she still was tall. That's one of the things Nick likes about me. "Liked. . ." I was always shorter than him; he likes shorter girls, he finds them cute or something. "I'll be doing the talking, Liam's just here for- for back up." and she pulled a wide smile across her crimson lips.

"Well-" I began but Olivia rudely shoved past me and stepped into my house closely followed by Liam. "Hey! Entering my house without permission, thats trespassing!" I whined, closing the door behind us, defeated.

"Yeah, but you didn't do anything to stop us sooo. . .?"

I was just about to protest but I chose not to. "Yeah, well come into my living room then, so we can talk." I muttered, gesturing towards the liuving room.

Olivia nodded her head curtly and took Liam's hand. He grinned at her stupidly then they both pushed past me and enbtered the room. "What the fuck is going on. . ." I asked myself.

I walked in to find Liam and Olivia sitting on my favourite sofa, waiting patiently. I sat down on the sofa to their left and began "So. . . what do you want?"

Olivia's head snapped to face me. Her face was hard and. . . jealous? "You cannot see Nick again. Ever. He doen't want you, he doesn't need you. He wants me, look!" and she thrust her hand towards me, shaking it in my face. I saw the glint of a beautiful diamond ring. Obviously from Nick; he likes to spoil his girl.

"I-I have no intention of taking Nick away from you!"

"Bullshit! He came here earlier, I saw him! I'm the one who brought the paps here! And that lipstick that was on his collar. . . unless you put lipstick on your stupid mutts and made him snog them, it was you! And you can't do that! Nick is mine now! You had your chance years ago! You could of had him, but no! He wasn't good enough for you, was he? No, you wanted more than what he could give you; his best was not enough for you! So back off trying to ruin our relationship, we are happy!"

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