[Extras #1: Onigiri]

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Today Tanjiro came by to see how I was doing. Even after I've woken up, I wasn't allowed to go on missions unless I was really okay. The trio are always training and going on solo missions, I wonder if Zenitsu is ever lonely.

Tanjiro came to give me some riceballs and we had a pleasant chat. He looked like he wanted to ask me something but decided to stay quiet. Maybe I'll ask him next time.


Nezuko started visiting me again. She marks small hearts on the table next to me to tell me that she's visited. I bet Aoi will get mad. Today Mitsuri and Obanai came to visit. Mitsuri brought a lot of food that I shared with everyone in the estate later on. She told me about her recent missions and that she'll teach me how to cook western cooking next time.

Obanai didn't look happy with me but he made the effort to have some small talk. Kaburamaru is very friendly but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a bit scared of him. Obanai also asked me questions about Mitsuri and then myself, which I obliged. They left for a mission together.

I hope I can go out soon.


Muichiro snuck me out last night and qe went stargazing. I think he still remembers what I said that day. We talked about the stars and clouds a lot. On our way back, we saw some butterflies. There were also two people, a short purple haired guy with a checkered haori and a taller one who tried to hide his face. Funny, I've never seen them before, then again, I never really see any of the other demon slayers other than my friends.

Shinobu caught us and gave us a lecture but overall it was a great night.


Kagaya called me over to have some tea. He asked about my health and said I could go back to missions in a week or so. He also asked me if I'm finally able to do it again. Apparently he saw me do it during our little trip in the train.

I want to be able to use it more but it might be dangerous and I might exhaust myself more. But I wanna try.


I'm glad that Kyojuro is doing fine, although he lost an eye, he's still up and going. He's going on less missions so he can take care of his family. He invited me over to meet his brother who is incredibly adorable and shy.

Haruka has been training more. She told me she regret not going with me. She's improved her skills and is stronger than when I last saw her. I wish I was a better mentor. She asked me if the cause for my sleeping was because of it . A smart one indeed.


Shinobu and Giyuu visited me and Giyuu gave me some salmon daikon. Shinobu asked if I was feeling okay and I reassured her that I was. Giyuu talked to me more after Shinobu left.

He also indirectly insulted me by saying I wasn't fast enough to save Kyo's eye.

I gently kicked his ass out of there.

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