1. A World Of Invisible Color

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*Hello everyone! As you know, it's me, ComeAlongHolmes_ with a new fic! And I have like a bunch I'm working on so writing this was not the best idea but you know, I keep coming up with things and stuff so yea... I hope you enjoy this first chapter. Also if you didn't notice, the cover has a single flower colored in, it's pink. Just to show a little foreshadowing! And the second picture is what they look like*

// Castiel's POV

Castiel opened his eyes to the same grey color he had lived in since he was a child.

He sat up and rubbed his eyes. When he looked again, it was all still grey.

Castiel had always seen the dull color. He had gotten used to it though.

Sure there have been times when people have been around him and then all of a sudden, turn to him, smiling widely and ask if he also saw the colorfulness of the world. But he couldn't. So he just said no.

The supposed "myth" was that you could only see color when you first touch your "soulmate". Maybe you'd see a flash of color before you touch them but when you were in actual contact with them, there was color. Of course this was only temporary. Once they were gone, it would be dull again. And you could only see the colors if you were near them and in actual physical contact.

Castiel stretched his arms up high above his head. He stood up and wandered over to the bathroom to brush his teeth.

An extra part of the legend was that the stronger the feeling got, the more permanent the colors would be.

So Castiel eventually came to the conclusion that he was asexual. He thought he was bisexual or even gay but he had never seen color before in his life so he came to different conclusions.

Sure they were educated about color in school but only a few people could actually see them.

Teachers tried explaining colors as: apples are red or sometimes green. Some eyes are brown, some blue or green. And some have eyes that are a mixture of colors.

Castiel had asked what his eye color was before, the only person who could answer was one of his teachers in fifth grade. She had him he had marvelous blue eyes and that someone would be very lucky to be able to see them one day.

Castiel assumed she had an excellent relationship to always be seeing colors.

So Castiel did have to break a few hearts but he didn't see the point in lying and saying he also saw the color.

So he came out as asexual. People were supportive of it, even though there's nothing to be supportive about. A few others just told him he hadn't found the right person.

Castiel put the toothpaste on the brush and began his regular routine.

He poked his head out of the door and banged his hand against the wall.

"Gabriel! Get up! You'll be late for work!" He called.

The figure in the bed across from his moved around and groaned.

"Shut up."

Castiel rolled his eyes and walked over to him, toothbrush in his mouth.

He climbed on top of the figure and pulled the toothbrush out of his mouth.

"I'll spit this minty toothpaste drool on you if you don't get up." He warned.

Gabriel scoffed and didn't even bother to open his eyes.

"You wouldn't dare."

Castiel smirked before letting spit slowly drop from his mouth, letting it slowly fall close to Gabriel's face.

Gabriel opened his eyes to see what was happening and gasped.

"Shit. Okay okay! I'm up! Sheesh...just cause you're on break doesn't mean you can try and spit on me." He said, rolling his eyes and shoving Castiel off of him.

Castiel winked and ran back into the bathroom, seeing as the spearmint toothpaste was starting to burn inside his mouth.

Gabriel was Castiel's older brother. And he hadn't really seen color either.

Sure he'd seen it a few times when he was in high school but it was just a flash. And he was too lazy to figure out who caused it. But he had always told Castiel that even if it was just for a second, it was beautiful.

They were a year apart and they were both off on winter break from college and Gabe had let Cas stay at his place.

Gabriel hopped into the shower and began his own morning routine.

Castiel meanwhile, got dressed into his usual trench coat and blue tie and began making breakfast.

// Dean's POV

"Dean get up." Someone whispered into his ear.

Dean groaned and turned away.

"Dean you have to open the shop!" They yelled now that the voice was further away.

Dean groaned again and threw a pillow at them before sitting up.

He stretched his arms around and stood up.

"Morning Sammy." He smiled and ruffled his brothers hair.

Dean walked over to the bathroom but ended up crashing into a wall.

"You forgot your glasses, idiot." Sam laughed, handing him his glasses.

Dean glared at him and walked into the bathroom.

The sun was barely coming up. Dean hated having to be the one to open the shop in the mornings.

Dean Winchester, college drop out after he couldn't afford to pay for it. Sure he had the money at the moment but he ended up using it to pay for Sam's fees.

Sam was headed for his first year of college. Dean was happy for him and hoped that his little brother could get further in life than him.

After breakfast, Sam headed into the city while Dean wandered to the shop and opened up.

He worked in a simple small flower shop; The Invisible Colors.

Dean walked inside and pulled on the green apron that had his name on it. He turned over the sign on the door so it read "OPEN" and wandered back to the counter.

He grabbed an extra vase and different types of roses and began neatly organizing them inside. Of course he didn't exactly know what color they were.

It was all grey to him.

The one time he would see color was when he was around his old girlfriend, Lisa.

But she moved away a few years ago and got married.

Dean hadn't seen color since.

Little did he know, he'd be seeing color again very soon...hopefully anyways.

*Hello everyone! So that was that first chapter! How was it? I hope you liked it! So that second picture is what they looked like mwahahaha!
I do hope you enjoy the upcoming chapters!

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