"Amelia Heart!"

As soon as I heard Jesse, I sprinted off to the bathroom.

Just before I could slam it shut, a foot caught on it, preventing me from not seeing Jesse.

With no doubt his push was strong and dominant over mine, making me stumbled back a bit as he entered looking like an angry mafia boss. Hair with no doubt had been ruffled more than once and shirt unbuttoned. I was trying really hard to stop my legs from betraying me.

I glared at him, eyes meeting eyes. When I couldn't take the silence anymore I decided to hit him. Believe me, I regret ever making that decision. I didn't want to hurt Jesse but he was always making me confuse, and I couldn't handle confusion.

I pounded his chest with my tiny first, before he grabbed it and stop me from further injuring myself. Tears welled up in my eyes, and for once again I break down in front of him.

"I'm sorry," he whispered. He pulled me into a tight embrace as he let me weep on his chest. I tried to push him away, struggling from his strong hold, but he wouldn't let me go. Instead he pulled me closer against him, wrapping his arm around me protectively. Shielding me from all the evil in the world, maybe he himself included.

"Listen," said he mumbling into my hair as he repetitively kissed the top of my head.

"No." I cried more.

"You will listen to me." His voice firm leaving me no choice.

I stopped sobbing and remained in his tight embrace. He cocooned me into his arm before rocking me as I calmed myself down.

"She's my ex, alright? I dont like her anymore, she's just a business partner. And even back when we had something, it wasn't anything purely contract for the improvement of both our company."

I rolled my eyes and continued to listen to his unbelievable explanation. Thank God he couldn't see me, when half my face was buried on his heavenly scented shirt.

"Yes, I do bring all my past acquaintances to the yacht, but I didnt brought you because you are like them. I did it because I think it's romantic. Plus Carla is making it sounds like I have a lot of past lovers, which is not true." He let go of me, letting his hand fall to cupped my face, looking me square in the eye with every hint of softness in them, "You are nothing like them, Amelia Heart. I don't want you to run off like that again, what if something happen to you. Just remember I'll always fight for you if it means burning down the world to its core."

I was speechless, so did my heart. My poor heart.

He softly pecked me by my forehead, to both my cheeks and finally my lips. Those soft plum lips of his that I could never get over with.

He tucked a piece of my hair behind my ear, " Say something."

Blinking away I finally spoke up as I played with the button of his undone shirts, "First that burn the whole world down is creepy. Second if you ever let that woman kiss you again, I'm going to burn you."

he chuckled like it was a joke when in fact I was dead serious with cherry on top. They said that love could bring you warmth from the amount of passion that runs through it, but sometimes it could burn you when the one you love set your house on fire.

"Are you jealous?" There was a hint of mockery in his voice.

"I'm not," I said as I tried to mustered the best serious face I could get, "I just don't want to get HIV when I kiss my boyfriend."

He frowned. I rolled my eyes, before untangling myself from him and settling down on the sink.

"Now tell me about going back to school," he demanded, hands folded in front of his chest.

"What about it?, " i shrugged it off and I tried to walk away, when he suddenly pulled me by the back of my shirt.

I grin sheepishly, while he gave me one of the skeptical look.

Okay maybe I wasn't being completely honest here, but I thought maybe university was my escape if he decided to ditch me. I was about to wait until he made the decision and It was a good thing that I wanted to continued my master degree. Now after a while I realized maybe he wasn't playing around, I was willing to gave him a chance but I was too scared to tell him about the news, especially when it included my move to a place far away from the city. He was going to be livid.

"Why? I thought you like your job?"

"I just couldn't miss the chance Jesse," I replied nonchalantly, "I love my job, but I always wanted to have my own business. A scholarship master degree is not an offer to be turn down."

He nodded, agreeing. His hand wrapped around my waist, pulling me closer to him, "Where and when?"

The richness of his voice melted me down to my core, I struggled as I leaned against him.

"Still right in New York, just few hours away." I twirled with his hair, jumped and  wrapped my legs around his torso.

I knew I was secretly distracting him.


"I'll stay at the dorm the first semester, once I'm comfortable enough I'll move to an
apartment," I suggested, trying to comfort his wariness.

"I have an apartment few places in New York, you don't have to stay at the dorm. Move in at mine."

I shook my head and gave him a dry smile, "No jesse, I can't just take things from you just because we re dating."

He looked at me weirdly, making me stifled a giggle, "Ummm yes you can."

I kissed him for his generous offer, he bite me for some more, but I quickly pulled away grinning.

"No babe. I'll be fine on my own."

He accepted my choice and let it slide for the time. I knew how stubborn he was, nothing could pass against his words. It's not that easy to win an argument with Jesse. I was considered the lucky one.

"Is it a mix dorm or a one gender dorm by the way?"

I mumbled a few coherent words, before un straddled myself from him and head for the door. Just as I left, I shouted behind me, "Don't forget we're leaving tomorrow morning."

Not that he already knew.


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