Chapter 9: Weekend

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NaMi's POV

*yojeum ttara*

*naekkeoin deut naekkeo anin naekkeo gateun neo*

*nikkeoin deut nikkeo anin nikkeo gateun na*

*ige museun saiin geonji sasil hetgallyeo
muttukttukhage guljima*

*yeoninin deut yeonin anin yeonin gateun neo*

*naman bol deut aemaehage nal daehaneun neo*

*ttaeroneun chingu gatdaneun mari*

*gwaenhi yojeum nan deutgi sirheo jyeosseo*

(Some: Soyou x JunggiGo)

I was awakened by my ringtone.

"What time is it? It's just 5 am and someone's calling this early." There you go again my cranky self is back. And who's this early? I answered the phone without looking at the caller ID.

"Hello?" I answered in a irrated tone.

"Why are you talking to me like that it's like you don't know me." she answered. Yeah a she.

"Well who are you?" I asked not minding who's voice is it. I'm really sleepy now and besides it's weekend.

"Seriously NaMi, you don't recognize my voice. We've always been meeting and talking at school and you don't recognize my voice?" She asked. Hmm she does sound familiar. Ah! It's Min calling. I looked at my phine to see who's the caller and I'm right it's really Min. She sound angry. Even until now doesn't she know that if I get cranky I can't really recognize anyone's voice?

"Yah! Why did you call so early?"

"Wow! You even didn't recognize. Can't you just even greet me good morning? At least?"

"Well.. good morning Min!" I said sarcastically.

"Why did you call at this hour. I want some rest besides it's weekend."

"I guess you forgot our daily routine every weekend." She said somehow in a stern voice.

Yeah right shopping. But don't tell me shopping at this hour?

"Yup! We'll have shopping." She answered over the phone. Wait! Shopping at this hour? Why so early? And let me guess she even heard my mind talking even when she's on the phone? How mindfreaking is that?

"For your information I can hear your mind talking because I'm here outside your house. Waiting for you!" She answered. What? She's outside our house? Is she crazy? How long did she wait?

"I have already waited for 10 minutes since I called you." Why didn't she even-- urgh! Nevermind.

I took my jacket and went outside the house to meet Min outside.

"Yah! I've been waiting for you to come down." She raised her voice that can make everybody in the neighborhood hear her voice.

"Shhh... your waking up everybody." I shushed her.

"So.. don't tell me your going to wear your pajamas on our shopping day?" She asked in disbelief and looked at me from head to toe.

"So don't tell me also that we're going to shop this early?" I asked back.

"Yes we are going to shop now because I don't want to be crowded with a lot of people. You know it's weekend and the malls will be fully packed of people. And I wanted it this early because I haven't also eaten my breakfast." She answered. I tried to run away from her but she caught me right on the act pulling arms towards her.

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