Chapter 2

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It felt like I was walking for years by the time I arrived to class. As I walked in I noticed that my bully, Mia, (A/n: if that's your name, feel free to change it) was sitting next to my desk. Rolling my eyes, I took a seat at my desk.

"Oh, look who's here," Mia said in her most obnoxious tone. "If it isn't the loser."

I ignored her and pulled out my textbook from bag and started studying the chapter that we were covering today.

Mia, the annoying girl that she was, swiped my textbook off my desk. I went to reach for it but her posse grabbed my arms, preventing me from reaching my textbook.

"What's the matter? Can't reach?" Tabitha denoted. Amelia just snickered in response as if it the funniest thing in the world.

I struggled in their grips, trying with all I had against them. Unfortunately, they were stronger than I. So I did the only thing that was possible for me: stomp on their feet.

I lifted my leg and brought it down on their feet. The impact of my heel against their toes must have done a lot because the next thing I knew, they both let go of my arms and were hopping around on one foot while grabbing the other in their hands.

Serves them right. I scoffed in my head.

Before I could do anything else, Mia grabbed the collar of my shirt brought my face closer to hers.

"Listen, punk. I will make sure you never get your textbook back. Besides, it's no wonder nobody likes you anyways."

I felt my blood boil with anger. Her words seemed to strike me down. I had never felt so angry at anyone than I did at this moment. With all I had in me, my hand made contact with her face as a loud SLAP echoed in the room.

Everyone in the room that either talking or doing their own thing turn their gazes over to Mia and I. Mia had a hand on her cheek where I had slapped her. She turned her head towards and I could tell that she was mad.

"HOW DARE YOU SLAP ME, BITCH!!" Before she could do anything, the professor, thankfully, walked in. He didn't seem to know what happened and just simply treaded to his desk.

"Alright class," He said cheerfully. "Who remembers where we left off?"

This is gonna be a long class. I thought.

~~~~~~~~~~~~Time skip~~~~~~~~~~~~

Thank God my classes were over. I checked the time on my phone. It was almost 2. I looked through my notifications to see if I had any missed calls but saw none.

Weird. I thought. Mom usually calls to let me know she's on her way. I then remembered her saying that she had an appointment.

Sighing, I put my phone into my back pocket and started heading for the bus stop. It wasn't far from the college and I needed to get home so I could get my studying done and out of the way.

As I neared the bus stop, I noticed that not many cars were driving on the road like there usually is.

"That's weird. Where is everyone?" * I say to no one in particular. I sat on the bench, waiting for the bus to come.

It felt like hours, even days and still no sign of the bus. What in the hell? I looked up and down the street only noticing a few cars driving by but no one else.

Just as I was about to sit back down, a small little glimmer of something caught my eye. It was blinding. I couldn't see what it was. I began walking toward the shining object. As I got closer, I could vaguely make out what it looked like. It looked like a gold coin. It certainly didnt look like one from this world. I turned the coin over and noticed some printing on it.

That's strange. I've never seen any kind of coin like this. I flipped it again but failed to catch. It rolled away from me and started going down the street. I chased after it trying to catch it in my hand, but it was too fast. After a few mintues of running after the strange coin, it came to a stop at a corner far from the college.

I bent down to pick it up, but just as I was picking it up a loud honk was heard. I turned just in time to see a red Corvette heading straight towards me. I was so shocked at what was happening that I barely had time to react to jump out of the way. When I did, the car had hit me and sent me flying several yards.

By the time I had landed, I felt like I couldn't move. It was as if a powerful force or something was holding me down. The gold coin was in my hand and I had completely forgotten that my school bag hanging over my shoulder. It cushioned my back to keep me from breaking it. But my head had hit a tree trunk. I could feel drops of blood coming down my face.

I could hear someone rushing to my side and screaming for help. My ears were ringing. My eyes were starting to shut.

"Stay awake until an ambulance comes!" Someone screamed.

Everything in my body hurt. The person at my side was still screaming for help.

My eyes couldn't stay open for much longer. I heard the person stand up and run to get help leaving me alone. It felt like it had been an hour and the stranger hadn't come back. Darkness began swelling my eyesight until finally, I let it consume me. I thought I was dead but when I woke up I didn't expect to wake up in another world.

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