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"damn ms

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"damn ms.johnson, yo ass all in my face."

"miss. Smith your late !" ms.johnson turned around quickly seeing me sneaking in the classroom with  Mcdonald's in my hand.

"damn." i mumbled sitting down.

"dispose of the food and open your textbook!" she said making me scoff.

ashiddd. i'm finna sit back here and eat. i paid fa this shit imma eat it, fuck that.

"say Zion gimme a fry mane."

"hell na getcho beggin ass on." i mugged slightly dipping my chicken nuggets in the sweet and sour sauce.

"fuck you , all them tattoos make yo ass look like a coloring book." he kissed his teeth turning around making people laugh.

"you built like a bag of garbage." i snapped back making everybody laugh.

"smith! put the food away now!" ms. johnson yelled again.

"johnson! take that nasty ass wig off." i said to her earning laughs again.

she finally got out my face leaving me alone.

thank you.

allow me to introduce myself. I'm
Zion Smith, the biggest dope girl around.  i go by Z.

"fuck you Z ! keep that energy and don't ask me fa shit " he mugged me making me smile.

"fuck you , bitch you smell like bellybutton." I said simply making him turn around. "and earwax" i added throwing fries at the back of his head.

i glanced out the window at the dark clouds for like the millionth time. i hate bad weather, shit give me bad vibes.

"whatchu doin here anyway girl you like 26"Sania said from behind me making me laugh a little.

"bitches like you know everything huh? except for why yo picture hangin up in the beauty supply sto." i said silencing her.

hell na ian no damn 26, i just turned 18 and i graduate 12th grade in 4 days.

well they tryna say i ain't- a mothafucka gone die if i don't . ian shit to play wit, they know it.

ion care much for this school shit no way , i just got tired of them bein on my ass about it.

i would've dropped out by now, ian have the balls to do it. ion quit shit. so i just stuck to it. i know my teachers tired of me.

don't get me wrong ian no dumbass, it's just school ain't fa me. the streets is my calling.
i'm not just saying that either, i'm in this shit foreal . it's deeper than you think it is to tell the truth.

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