1. Imperfection

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**New story, don't know how long it's going to stay up.  I hope you like it.  I decided to take the cliche of the sad story and the girl being the weaker of the two and change it up a bit to my liking.  It's not really much of a typical wattpad cliche, but it's still a cute cliche in my own opinion.**


I opened my eyes to the sound of my sister running up and down the hallway yelling, “Belly! Belly! Wake up!”

Beth is only three and full of energy.  I, being seventeen, can never keep up with that girl. 

I got up and yawned, looking in the mirror.  My long light brown hair was a mess and my brown eyes were puffy from just waking up.  I was a mess.

I looked at the clock.

“Beth! It’s six in the morning!  Please calm down hun!” I said walking out and grabbing her as she ran down the hall.  She began giggling.

“Morning Belly!”

I laughed at the nickname she gave me.  “Come on squirt, let’s get you some breakfast.”

I carried her to the kitchen.  I set her down in her favorite seat and she excitedly waited as I got her some cereal.  It was fruit loops today.

Her blond curls bounced with excitement and her big blue full of excitement.

I set the bowl in front of her, along with her vitamins and banana. 

“Alright, eat breakfast and set your bowl in the sink when you’re done.  I’m going to take a shower.”

She nodded and I went back upstairs and took a fast shower.

I changed into denim skinny jeans and a black button up with one of my favorite black necklaces.

Today I’m going casual.  Usually I have to dress way more extravagant, but not today.  Being a popular girl isn’t very fun.  Especially when you’re friends with the biggest bitch in the school, so everyone sees you that way.  The only reason we’re friends is because we have been since kindergarten.  Laina.  She’s beautiful with dark long hair that’s always perfect.  She’s the full definition of a queen bee, and I’m just one of her generals.

She is considered my best friend and about the only one that knows my position.  I’m currently stuck taking care of my adorable little sister Beth, because my mother is…a little less than trustworthy, and my dad is dead and gone.   He died when I was little, so I don’t really remember.  I guess that makes Beth my half sister, but we don’t tell her that.  I don’t even know who her father is.  We actually have a pretty steady income.  My mom got some massive inheritance from her parents when they died and with her…job, she gets paid a lot.  I’m sketchy on what she does, but I have a few ideas of what it is, and it’s not good.  As long as it keeps Beth comfortable though, then I’m okay.

Once I straightened and curled my hair I walked out and got Beth dressed for preschool.  It’s her last year before she starts kindergarten.

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