1- Face to Pistol Interrogation

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I do not own any of the Supernatural characters (though I wish I did), those belong solely to the creators, the only ones I do own are the ones that you (obviously) have never heard about in any of the Supernatural episodes. Now, *wipes hands* since that is finished.. I wish you happy reading.

I stopped driving when the lines of the road started blurring together and I could no longer comprehend the words of the old-fashioned rock and roll that were bleeding through the speakers. Managing to pull into a dirt road, I drove the car further into the forest, hoping to hide from any type of law enforcement vehicles or people who recognized me. As soon as the car was parked, I pulled myself into the back seat, curling up on the worn dark leather, and in less than a minute, I was asleep.

I was standing in a dark hallway, the only thing lighting my path was a grimy lamp sitting crookedly at the end, only succeeding in dimly lighting the sickly, yellow colored walls around. My heart pounded rapidly in my chest as a scream pierced the darkness. A voice that I recognized.

"Mom!" I yelled, stepping forward and placing my hand on one wall in attempt to find my way out. Again, the scream echoed through the hall, this time from behind me. I swirled around, frantically trying to peer through the thick darkness that enveloped me. Suffocating me.

"Mom!" I screamed again, louder this time as I felt the wall give way, letting my hand flounder into nothingness. I stepped forward, going on faith that I wouldn't run into anything. On my second step something splashed around my foot. I frowned, reaching down and touching something wet, water? I lifted up my hand a brought it to my lips, gagging when the metallic taste entered my mouth. Blood.

Suddenly brightness shown about me, making me wince at the sudden light. As soon as I regained my senses, I looked down. A scream pushing its way past my lips. My mother's lifeless body lay before me, surrounded in a puddle of blood. Her dark hair was matted in it and it bled slowly through a dark spot in the center of her chest.

"Mom," I whispered, my voice coming out hoarse as tears fell down my cheeks. I fell to my knees, cradling her limp form.

"No," I said, shaking her softly, "Mom, wake up." I bent down, placing my lips against her cold forehead.

"Please wake up," I whispered, my voice shaking. A deep voice suddenly laughed, mockingly in the shadows,

'be careful what you wish for," it whispered in my ear, sending a shiver down my spine. My mother's body shifted slightly and her eyes flew open. But this wasn't my mother. Those weren't her eyes. They were a pure black. I gasped, barely holding in a scream as my mother stared up at me with cruel eyes the color of obsidian, a smirk crept onto her lips. I backed away quickly, my back hitting the edge of the yellow wall. Her head turned to look at me, still laying where I had left her. Her mouth opened to tell me something, the evil smile never leaving her face.

"Hey!" A voice yelled pulling me out of my dream. I gasped sitting up, my heart beating wildly in my chest and my eyes searching for the owner of the voice. But I wasn't greeted with a face. Instead I found myself looking into the dark barrel of a pistol.

"Get out of the car" The same deep voice rumbled, "Now," he prodded when I didn't move immediately. I stumbled out into the midday light, my worn boots sinking into the warm forest soil.

"Who are you?" He demanded, as I raised my hands up above my head.

"I'm sorry sir," I managed, fighting around a dry mouth, "I didn't want to steal your-"

"Who are you?" He interrupted pushing the pistol farther towards me. I swallowed, desperately trying to find a good excuse and not get shot.

"My name is Blair," I finally managed, my voice coming out shaky and small, "Blair Rodgers, I'm sixte-"

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