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- Mr. Styles' -

I was sleep deprived, but my wandering mind wasn't going to let me rest; and neither was my heart.

The ceiling of my room was the only amusing thing in the hour when I didn't have my eyes shut. But, when I eclipsed my view in hopes to get sleep, my mind would roam to the young nymphet of my dreams.

Her lips tasted of delicious, syrupy candy. Her strawberry Lip Smacker's lip balm melted her lips into butter. You never wanted to pull away from a kiss shared with her.

When we shared that kiss, the sweet caress shared only between a pair of lover's mouths, there was something more. There was something more than just a heavy heart and deep breathing. There was more than cute, meaningless words muttered. There was something more.

I have been lost before; absent in my mind. Adrift from reality. I have latched onto too many defective and fragmented souls, who survived just to be loved. Even if it wasn't a genuine love, it didn't matter. All those broken lives just needed something; something to fill the void where a heart was long before. Long before they became drunk on loneliness. Long before they became too wasted, and decided to throw away their most sacred object, and decided the taste of a stranger's lip was the only thing that could satisfy their thirst for love.

But, I can not tell a lie. I was that person. I threw away my heart and became drunk on my own loneliness. I searched for the souls who had a story like mine. I wanted to connect; I connected through slurred words, teary eyes and steamy kisses.

I was that person; but, something changed me. She changed me.

The nanosecond our lips crashed against eachother's, the emptiness where my tenderness had once lived, might've grown back. Just a little. It was a pang into my chest; a bullet had pierced through. But, the ammunition was nothing but a seed. A seed, planted in the pit where my heart had been stolen. And, I felt something blossom. It was a small bud, but it was a start of something.

I don't know if it was the addictive jolt that hit when our lips united; or the way I could feel her heart flutter underneath every kiss planted on her chest. Maybe it was the way she was so vulnerable underneath my touch.

Whatever it was, I knew for a fact, I wasn't empty anymore. And, it wasn't the way her lips wrapped around me in warmth. I could care less about that. It was the feeling I got when we shared something; something so special between us. That's when I felt something blossom where my heart should be.

She was still my little girl, and I was still her daddy; but there was definitely something more now.

Deciding I really needed to get some sleep, I took a deep breath, shutting the memories off temporarily and only began to dream of the future I'll soon share with my babygirl.


- Macy

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