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"Hey cmon, why are you frozen there? Do you want to sleep on the floor?" Taehyung cocked his head to the side as he sat on the bed.

Of course the boy didn't want to sleep on the floor, in fact he tried it when the older and Lee was away in china. He thought that if worst comes to worst and they ended up having to share a room then he'd just practice sleeping on the floor. But after he had woken up from his sleep, he felt like death itself, his neck was soar and his back! His back was killing him. So quickly he shook his head before grabbing Tannie and crawling into bed.

Like the first day, Jeongguk placed the puppy between the both of them and rolled to his sides to look away from the older. Unbeknownst to him, Taehyung picked the puppy up and placed him back onto the floor before creeping his arms around the younger. The boy flinched and turned to face the male, "w-what is it?" He had originally wanted to curse but knowing the man that's next to him wasn't no ordinary dude he held back.

The man smiled at him unnervingly and calmly informed the boy, "you see, the day before i left for china, you were clinging onto me in your sleep. Surprisingly that was the best I've slept in a long time and so I'll probably do that from now on so lets cooperate~" Being powerless in his state Jeongguk still wanted to say no but reluctantly agree. Though he agreed, the younger still wanted to get his point across. "Sir- hyung I just wanted you to know that you were the one who was latched onto me that day and I had nothing to do with it."

Taehyung who was wide eyed just yawned and pulled the boy even closer, "yeah, yeah whatever you say..." he released the boy for a moment before repeating the similar movement from their first day to shut the lights off. With the moonlight shining into the room, there was an air of awkwardness flowing through. All that could be heard was the breathing of the two and Tannie's little paws thumping around the room quietly.

Just try to sleep Jeongguk... just sl— what is he... "w-what are you doing?" The younger felt the males arms slip under his shirt and was now caressing his back softly.

The older chuckled lowly, with their faces inches apart and the moonlight brightening the room, the boy would admit that the man in front of him was truly good looking but still. Taehyung continued up the boys spine and finally spoke, "don't worry, I'm just trying to get to know you, I wont do anything else..."

The younger clenched his jaw shut and just decided to let it happen, closing his eyes tightly he hoped for his mind to bring him else where. But nothing ever goes the way you want does it? The more he tried thinking of unrelated things, the more his senses focused on the fingers trailing up and down his bare back. Sooner or later, Jeongguk subconsciously lets out a soft gasp when the older caressed against his neck. Shocked by his own voice, he opened his eyes just to be met with the others.

Taehyung's eyes were clear and looked at him hungrily before whispering, "so this is Jeonggukie weak spot~ I'll keep that in mind." And with that he pulled his arms out from underneath the boys clothes. Still wrapped around the youngers waist, the male sighed to himself before closing his eyes and this time, to sleep.

The boy was a little shocked by what the man had said but honestly he's more embarrassed at the sound he made. Being emabarrassed must be very stressful and energy consuming because before Jeongguk knew it, he was asleep.

The next morning came when the younger heard the loud ringing of a certain alarm. Sitting himself up he tried looking around for it and saw the ugly piece of metal resting on the bedside cabinet next to Taehyungs side of the bed.

Reaching himself over, he felt the tight hold that was still on his waist and looked down. The male had his arms tightly grasped onto him and didn't seem to have any intention in letting go. Sighing to himself, Jeongguk had noticed that Yeontan was awake and was pawing at his side of the bed. Struggling, the younger managed to hoist the dog up and got a great idea.

With the alarm driving him insane, he held onto Tannie and plopped the dog onto Taehyung's face. This way I can just say it was Yeontan who wanted him to get up and not me...

After a few seconds he heard a cough come from the man and released the puppy completely. Taehyung released one of his arms and plopped it onto his face to feel for what it was that was suffocating him. With handfuls of fur filling his palms, the male sighed and used both hands to hoist Tannie off his face. "Ah Yeontan... you shouldn't do that... I could've die from suffocation~"

Jeongguk chuckled to himself before mentioning to the older, "your alarm is ringing..."

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