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white carnation

wonjae drifted off every once in awhile, catching himself in the act and thus, forcing himself to stay awake. he was adamant.

he scanned over his studio, eyes going over over a couple of beanies on the floor near his hamper. it was mostly because he had threw them there, not too worried about missing the basket or not. they also fell on his cluttered desk that contained strewn mixtapes as well as some books with a desktop computer. the wallpaper was a picture of a beach - emerald colored waters and tanned sand. he had never bothered to change it, too occupied with the stress that came with being an artist.

his eyes continued to look over the small home, only stopping when he glanced at the young woman in pathetically small kitchen - only containing a rusted over stove he had never use and a quaint sink.

it wasn't like he cared before though. he had never used his stove for he always bought take-out, and the sink too as he preferred just sticking to the one in the tiny bathroom.

but he cared now.

joy santos was in his kitchen - his small and pathetic kitchen in his small and pathetic studio.

he felt almost embarrassed for the size of his home and even more embarrassed of the mess he regretted not cleaning.

wonjae had woken up to a soft knock at his door. he had always been a light sleeper, startling himself awake at little noises he found to be made by the twig of trees that tapped against his windows. but this time it wasn't the twigs, so he forced himself up, groaning as his body ached with shivers and pain.

the boy's feet shuddered against the cold tiles as he made his way to the door.

there was another soft, yet hurried knock at the door.

wonjae swung open the door, shivering against the cold wind that entered his home. blinking his eyes open sleepily, he peered at the unexpected guest and nearly did a double take.

the rapper sighed as he felt his eyes drifting off once again with his mind rid of the embarrassment he felt.

he heard a hum though, making his eyes pry open a bit. it was soft and sweet, and he knew exactly where it came from.

little hums of a song he wasn't familiar with escaped the girl's lips. it was so comforting and for once, his home really felt like home.

he drifted off again.


a little poke at his shoulder jolted wonjae awake.

joy smiled, taking in his half-lidded eyes and messy hair. his nose and cheeks were still awfully pink, too pink.

"i finished the soup." she whispered at him before scurrying over to his low table and plopping herself on the ground as if waiting for him to join her.

wonjae nodded with a smile of his own. he rubbed his swollen eyes with the back of his hand, sliding out of his covers and seating himself in front of her, feeling the humidity of the soup stick to his cheeks.

he sniffed the tasty soup, aweing at the simplistic yet delicious-looking soup. glancing at the girl in front of him, he grinned at her.

"thank you."

joy nodded, her smile brightening the small and dark room.

wonjae saw that only he had soup. taking another peek at her awaiting expression, he stood up and took a bowl and spoon from his kitchen. coming back, he took his own of soup before pouring some of his into the other.

he slowly slid the bowl towards joy, shyly looking up at her.

joy bit her lip, feeling her own cheeks turning a bit.

"let's eat."


"hey, don't laugh!" a giggle escaped joy, unable to contain her own.

wonjae's eyes scrunched up, letting out laughs that could make the girl smile for days.

she playfully narrowed his eyes at him and sent him a look of unamusement even though they both knew she was.

the rapper sighed, feeling small chuckles still leave him as his laughter died down.

"i can't believe he told you that.." she mumbled as she took a sip of her tea.

wonjae took a sip of his own tea, attempting to hide his minuscule smile.

"it's cute." due to the cold that had coursed through his body, his voice was much deeper and nasally. though the statement didn't at all keep the tiny girl from blushing at his words.

she frowned, doing the same with her tea. "he always tells people that story."

wonjae raised an eyebrow. "oh, so i guess i'm not special then."

joy erupted into another giggle.

his home felt warm again.


was gna add more
to this chap but
decided to leave some
more fluff for the
next one!

their relationship isn't
going to develop
romantically yet
or at least until it
feels rly right so pls
bare w me!

i rly want them to
develop feelings
first and realize them
before they're in that
lil stage of not
knowing what to do w
themselves lmao
i feel like it's more
realistic that way esp
w the way they're both
so awkward and new
w relationships

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