The Creatures Behind the Bleechers part 5

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Chapter 6

“ Chelsea, Shae, It’s me! Why am I in the gym?” Jason asked but The 2 of them still just stood there, then Jason looked down, she was standing in a puddle on the floor, but the weird thing was that she saw herself in the puddle, she black circles under her eyes with a  bruise underneath her eye, Jason looked back up to see Chelsea crying. “Chelsea, It’s okay i swear I’m fine, please don’t worry about me.” Jason said softly. Jason then looked up the whole gym looked horrible, but worse yet, deserted. “I’m not worried about you, Jason, you may be a mess but your still Jason and Jason can take care of herself.” Jason looked up to see who said that and was surprised to see both of them kneeling beside her and Chelsea whispering in her ear, suddenly Jason whispered something. “Leave now.” They looked alarmed to hear her say that. “Chelsea, Shae you can’t tell anyone that we’re here run quickly away, there is a bad vibe going on here we can feel it.” Jason whispered softly. This time both of them looked horrified, then Chelsea spoke up. “What do you mean we? Are there more of you?” Chelsea asked. “Yes It’s me, Chloe, and Sammy.” Jason replied. Then Jason had to ask. “Why did you come here?” “Well The school shut down after you know you guys were supposedly killed, but we still had hope so we came here to look around, it’s amazing how quickly a school can shut down.” Shae explained to Jason. “How long have we been “deceased”?” Jason asked Shae. “Ummm probably about 4 days.” Shae explained. “Oh my god we’ve been gone for 4 days?” Jason said unbelieved. Chelsea spoke up this time. “Can we see Chloe and Sammy to?” Chelsea asked. Jason stared at Chelsea then yelled back for Chloe and Sammy to come out and when they did Chloe saw everyone and started weeping, Jason ran to Chloe to calm her down, and Sammy just stood there close to Jason, when Jason let go of Chloe she turned to Sammy and she hugged him to and he whispered something into her ear. Jason turned to the 2 girls and said “I think you 2 should go, we aren’t very sure of what we are yet, come back some day else please.” Jason stated. Chelsea looked as if she was going to cry again when Jason suddenly shrieked, it wasnt ment to scare them off but it did. “Jason what’s wrong?” Sammy yelled at her. “Ugh it feels as if my back is going to burst open!” Jason shrieked when suddenly 2 massive black wings burst from Jason’s back and Chloe screamed then Jason lost conciseness...again.

Chapter 7

Jason again half concise was listening to Chloe’s footsteps pacing back and forth, and Sammy’s snoring when she decide to break the semi silence. “Chloe w...what happened?” Jason asked with a little quaver in her voice. “Oh god, Jason your okay, I swear that everytime I turn around you end up somehow getting hurt and half dieing.” Chloe said with a little panic in her voice. After awhile of argueing Chloe decided to go to sleep, it was hard, literally because they had to sleep behind the bleachers and on the floor, but after awhile Jason realized that she couldn’t hear Sammy snoring anymore, she rolled over on the sleeping bag that Chloe and Sammy set her on after that little episode in the gym. As Jason rolled over her black skinny jeans made a sort of hissing noise, suddenly Jason’s skin tight blue t-shirt caught on the zipper of the sleeping bag and she cursed under her breath. “You need help?” Sammy asked sleepily. Jason froze in her spot but of course kept tugging at her shirt when she heard a rustling noise and a dark shadow climbed over her and knelt next to her trying to untangle her shirt fro the zipper then “RIP!” Jason’s shirt tore up to her rib cage Sammy rocked back on his heels and Jason could swear that she saw him blush. “Uhh sorry Jason I didn’t mean to rip your shirt.” Sammy said sheepishly. Jason just kind of crossed her arms and looked for somewhere that maybe had extra t-shirts. Sammy stood up next to Jason and held out his hand. “Want to go for a walk maybe try to find a new shirt for you?” Sammy asked cautiously trying not to offend Jason in anyway. “Sure why not, lets go to the locker rooms i bet i can pick some locks.” Jason replied. Jason and Sammy snuck out from behind the bleachers so quietly so that Chloe wouldn’t hear them. When Jason and Sammy got to the girls locker room door Sammy stopped. “Why’d you stop, Sammy?” Jason asked. “Well it’s the girls locker room and guys aren’t allowed to go in there so you know, I can’t go in.” Sammy said to Jason. “Sammy, seriously the gym hasn’t been used for 4 days and your worried about that!” Jason exclaimed. Sammy stood there then reluctantly walked in with Jason by his side. When they got inside Jason instantly went to her gym locker put in the code and found a pair of shorts and a skin tight white t-shirt, Jason grabbed the shirt and went into the shower room to change and take a shower. When Jason came out Sammy was speechless, Jason’s long blonde hair was in ringlets running down her back, her white t-shirt clung to her body, her black skinny jeans tight around her thighs and calves, and she was wearing her tennis shoes. “Dude, Sammy stop staring at me I don’t look that good.” Jason said strictly. “Trust me you do look that good.” Sammy replied back. When Jason and Sammy got back to the bleachers Chloe was awake and walking in circles. “Where were you two! you had me worried to death!” Chloe yelled half screamed at Jason and Sammy. “Chloe, calm down.” Sammy said to Chloe. Chloe suddenly had a murderous look on her face. “Sammy you never, ever tell a girl to calm down.” Jason whispered in Sammy’s ear. Finally Jason and Chloe started talking and Chloe cooled off then they all decided to go look around and see what the school looks like. Jason, Chloe and Sammy walked through the gym and opened the wide doors just a crack, and were utterly surprised at what they saw...

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