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Shit! Birthday!
Finally I am a goddamn adult, although that might seem very unlikely because of the way I have been spending my days wrapped in blankets with extremely cold feet which doesn't seem to warm for some reason.

It's November 15th and my nose is runny with water. Yeah the basic winter rule goes like this in the beginning and the after effect is resumed till the next six months. Lol.

Somehow winter is my favorite and there are several reasons for it.
First I can wear literally anything under the jackets and no one is gonna notice.

My hair is easier to hold as their is hardly any sort of moisture left in it, which makes it softer in that way.

Plus there are some mandatory winter dishes which includes the peas chapati/tortilla(doughs made from wheat flour or all purpose flour and stuffed with mashed peas with herbs;rolled in a form of tortilla or chapati.) , Alu ke parathe (almost same thing, just with mashed potatoes and spices) , rice flakes, corn salads, steamed dumplings, manchow soup etc.

Also you have a nice metabolism during winters which allows you to eat like a freaking hyena during weddings. Well at least I do, don't know about the rest.

So yeah where was I? Yeah birthday.
Birthdays doesn't excite me anymore. I know that's the most depressing thing I could say but yes it doesn't.
All my life I never really celebrated birthday because no one was really there to do so. My birthday is considered a curse because my grandfather died on my sixth birthday. They literally treat it like some shit so yeah.

But that didn't stop me from making myself happy. Every year I bring my favorite piece of food, write a card to myself and sing happy birthday like some lunatic.
That's something I guess. I actually stopped expecting from a very young age so it wasn't a big deal.

This year I turned twenty one and I am super new to adulting, so I am not just gonna sit there being a shit face and crying over fuckboys. I decided to go to the college this year. This is the final year and this is the only chance to be happy.
I wanted to be surrounded by the people I love so much. I just wanted to be with my gang for this one last time celebrating my special day.

So at 8am sharp my phone vibrated with the thirty sixth text of happy birthday and I decided to wake my grumpy ass to say 'thank you' to everyone who wished.

Half of my birthday is spent saying thank you to the whole lot of people. Even to the people who doesn't even know me or vice versa. Plus people just randomly decide to drop things in my dm like they want party and treats.

And I am like dude! I only exist because my dad was horny and you want a party for that? What are you? A semen sample?
Just kidding it's all on my head. Lol

Anyway life is shit but you gotta keep moving so I took an early shower and my parents were flabbergasted. Not surprised, not shocked but flabbergasted with the fact that I showered early in my life. Yes that's the height of emotion they reached.

Dad wished me happy birthday, so did mom and then they continued arguing about why dad is not worth having a partner at all.
Seriously my home seems like a debate with Arnab goswami anyday someone digs in.

I lay down on my bed, bummed out of distress. I stare at my ceiling hoping it to do something different. My hands grab the sheets and tears role down my just fresh cheeks. My legs cripple inside and I just hold them with my hands to feel better. I cry like a child who is lost somewhere unknown and can't find an escape.
The only thing that was crossing my mind was 'I wish I was dead. '

Just then my phone buzzed. It's my gang asking whether I am coming to college or not. I held my tears back, took a deep breathe and typed yes with my trembling hands.

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